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Mon Aug 19th, 2013

Tech Talk - 4/20/13

Word formatting issues, MS Office on iPad using CloudOn thin client, cloud backup options and advantages, adjusting text message notifications in iPhone, flash drive virus protection, Profiles in IT (Claude Elwood Shannon, father of Information of Theory), technology used to capture Boston bombers (surveilance cams, smart phone pic, robotic ordinance disposal, infrared camera, flashbangs), funding sites help Boston Marathon victims (sites raise over $1M, GoFundMe and Give Forward are the most effective), Google Person Finder activated after Marathon, Website of the Week (Digital Public Library, over 2 million items in searchable database), Wi-Fi routers easy to hack (13 of the most popular found lacking, vendors are fixing the issue, look for Bios updates), and geocaching (looking for treasure using GPS coordinates, free apps available of smart phone).


Mon Aug 19th, 2013

Tech Talk - 4/13/13

Connecting iPhod to iCloud, facial recognition (in picture organization, in surveillance), resetting Windows admin password, Google cloud printing, primer for starting an IT career (guidlines for playing around with hardware and software), technological solutionism (an overhyped risk), Profiles in IT (Cecil Howard Green, co-founder TI), first integrated circuits (TI vs Intel, the back story), Standford creates biological transistors (building blocks for biological computer are in place, may replace conventional drugs), Apple revises water damaged phone replacement policy (defective moisture sensor), and Google launches tool to to specify data use after death (the first digital living will).


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