10:56 pm, January 26, 2015

Health News

9 measles cases linked to Disney theme parks in California

Officials: 9 measles cases linked to December visits to Disney theme parks in California

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 03:50am EST

CDC: Flu season continues to worsen, could peak this month

CDC: Flu season is hitting hard in the majority of states, could peak later this month

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 02:20am EST

FDA panel endorses first lower-cost biotech drug

FDA panel's support for Novartis drug could clear way for generic biotech in US

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 05:59pm EST

Connecticut court to hear case of teen refusing chemotherapy

Connecticut court to decide if state can force 17-year-old girl to undergo cancer treatment

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 04:32pm EST

Trying for test-tube baby? Risks to mom are rare, study says

Trying for test-tube baby? Moms' risks are rare, include over-stimulating ovaries, study says

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 04:32pm EST

Weed 101: Colorado tries 'neighborly' pot education

Weed 101: Colorado tries 'bright, neighborly' approach to marijuana education after complaints

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 03:12pm EST

Family of mentally ill woman who died in custody sues

Family of mentally ill woman who died while handcuffed in police custody sues Cleveland, cops

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 03:00pm EST

New rules to curb 'epidemic' of cesarean births in Brazil

Brazil unveils new rules to curb 'epidemic of cesareans,' promote natural births

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 01:30pm EST

Hampton VA hospital has longest wait for doctor appointments

Hampton VA Medical Center has longest wait for appointments with primary care doctors

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 09:20am EST

UFC: Champion Jon Jones entering drug treatment

UFC says light heavyweight champion Jon Jones enters treatment facility after failed drug test

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 10:24pm EST

Pennsylvania to expand treatment for mentally ill inmates

Pennsylvania settles lawsuit, agrees to provide treatment for mentally ill prison inmates

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 06:30pm EST

UN: Ebola kills 8,153 people in West Africa, infects 20,650

UN: Ebola has killed 8,153 in West Africa, over a dozen elsewhere; mortality rate 39 percent

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 03:58pm EST

Mental health advocates seek relief for autistic Va. inmate

Mental health, civil rights advocates ask Va. governor to intervene in autistic inmate's case

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 03:58pm EST

US medical worker exposed to Ebola overseas arrives in Omaha

US medical worker exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone arrives at specialized Nebraska hospital

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 03:58pm EST

Pacific Coast sea bird die-off puzzles scientists

Scientists investigate mass die-off of sea birds that appear to be starving on Pacific Coast

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 03:36pm EST

Major study of bereaved military families underway

By the hundreds, families of fallen military members join in study of how they grieve and cope

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 03:02pm EST

Guide for healthy eating may consider environment

Beef, agriculture industries upset with dietary guidelines that consider environmental impact

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 03:02pm EST

Illinois extends marijuana experiment to children

Illinois law extends medical marijuana to children, but experts question effectiveness

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 02:52pm EST

SKorean Ebola medic flown to Germany for anonymity

South Korean medic injured while treating Ebola patient flown to Germany to protect anonymity

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 02:42pm EST

Ebola-infected UK nurse in critical condition

UK hospital: Condition of nurse with Ebola deteriorated to critical

Tuesday - 01/06/2015, 02:38pm EST
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