1:43 am, November 27, 2014

Government News

Senate blocks NSA phone records measure

Most Republicans oppose Senate bill to curb NSA's collection of domestic phone records

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 09:20am EST

Obama condemns Jerusalem attack as 'horrific'

Obama condemns Jerusalem attack, urges leaders to work to lower tensions, reject violence

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 08:14am EST

Feds say Web privacy firm deceived consumers

FTC says firm that offered online privacy certificates didn't check compliance

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 05:10am EST

GO FIGURE: Sen. Mary Landrieu's uphill climb

GO FIGURE: Sen. Mary Landrieu's uphill climb

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 04:30am EST

Ryan to chair tax panel, a possible 2016 platform

GOP's Paul Ryan to chair powerful tax committee, giving him platform for potential 2016 bid

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 04:20am EST

Reid urges Obama to act quickly on immigration

Reid, in shift, says Obama should act 'as quickly as he can' on immigration

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 03:18am EST

Missouri executes Leon Taylor for 1994 killing

Missouri executes Leon Taylor for killing a suburban Kansas City gas station attendant in 1994

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 03:08am EST

No on Keystone pipeline _ but GOP vows replay

It's 'no' on the Keystone oil pipeline _ for now; GOP vows replay after taking Senate control

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 03:04am EST

Senate Roll Call: Blocking NSA surveillance bill

Senate Roll Call: Blocking NSA surveillance bill

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:00am EST

Senate Roll Call: Blocking Keystone XL pipeline

Senate Roll Call: Blocking Keystone XL pipeline

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:00am EST

Symbol of century-old suffering gets brief display

Long campaign finally yields results with White House display of rug made by Armenian orphans

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 09:50pm EST

Senate Democrats reject bill to build oil pipeline

Senate Democrats reject bill to build oil pipeline; Republicans vow to pass it next year

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 07:40pm EST

Watchdog: Patent telework program invites abuse

Watchdog: 'Easy' for patent office teleworkers to falsify hours

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 06:50pm EST

Top Dem: Next year for attorney general nomination

Top Democrat says Senate will consider Obama's pick for attorney general next year

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 06:50pm EST

Dems demand answers in State Dept. cyber-attack

A House oversight committee demanded answers Monday about a suspected cyber-attack that has shut down the State Department's unclassified email system.

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 06:50pm EST

NTSB: Gov't aircraft regulations apply to drones

In setback for drone industry, NTSB says aircraft regulations apply to reckless use of drones

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 06:38pm EST

AT&T drops 'super cookies' from cellphone data

AT&T stops adding Web tracking codes on cellphones, Verizon says it still uses 'super cookies'

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 06:16pm EST

Speaker taps Californian to head House Intel panel

Speaker picks 6-term Californian Devin Nunes to head House Intelligence Committee

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 05:40pm EST

Dome ready for next step in repair

Capitol Dome, sheathed in scaffolding, moves into next phase of repair

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 05:40pm EST

House Dems again choose Nancy Pelosi as leader

House Dems pick Pelosi again to be minority leader, despite displeasure with party's message

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 05:10pm EST
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