8:06 pm, April 21, 2015

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Lady Gaga, Herbie Hancock, Sam Smith to perform at Montreux

Lady Gaga, Herbie Hancock and Sam Smith to perform at 49th Montreux Jazz Festival

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 01:50pm EDT

'Most dangerous movie ever made' charges into theaters

Touted as the most dangerous movie ever made, 'Roar' charges into theaters 34 years later

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 01:46pm EDT

Jia, Sorrentino, Van Sant in Cannes lineup; selfies a no-no

Cannes Film Festival welcomes Jia, Sorrentino, Haynes, Van Sant, but says 'non' to selfies

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 01:00pm EDT

'Game of Thrones' hit by piracy from Twitter-owned app users

HBO tells Twitter app Periscope to cut it out after users live-stream 'Game of Thrones'

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 12:48pm EDT

Bible stories and thrillers make Morocco filming choice

Bible stories and thrillers boost Morocco filming but still competition from other nations

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 12:35pm EDT

5 things to know about the new royal baby

Royal baby mania returns: Britain ready to welcome William and Kate's second child

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 12:28pm EDT

Posthumous book by Charlie Hebdo chief slams 'Islamophobia'

Posthumous book by Charlie Hebdo editor takes on 'Islamophobia' as thinly veiled racism

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 12:07pm EDT

Steinem, Cannon among readers at poetry benefit

Gloria Steinem, Nick Cannon among readers at poetry benefit

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 12:00pm EDT

Beijing Film Festival opens with aim to raise profile

Beijing Film Festival opens with Besson, Schwarzenegger among international attendees

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 11:58am EDT

College a cappella: Not your granddad's barbershop quartet

Not your granddad's barbershop quartet: College a cappella singers become unlikely rock stars

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 10:40am EDT

Giacometti sculpture poised to set auction record

Giacometti sculpture poised to set record for a sculpture at auction, estimated to bring $130M

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 10:28am EDT

Tribeca kicks off with 'Saturday Night Live' doc

14th annual Tribeca Film Festival kicks off with 'Saturday Night Live' documentary

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 10:16am EDT

Clarification: Philippines-Pacquiao Film story

Clarification: Philippines-Pacquiao Film story

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 07:49am EDT

Review: Bway's 'Finding Neverland' never finds its groove

Review: 'Finding Neverland' on Broadway has great performances but never finds its groove

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 07:32am EDT

Jack White plans break from touring after 5 acoustic shows

Jack White plans long live performance break after 5 acoustic-only shows in 5 unvisited states

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 06:46am EDT

Wilderness, its inhabitants to star in 'Our Planet' series

'Our Planet' documentary aims to record remaining wilderness, wildlife; 2019 Netflix debut set

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 03:08am EDT

Nat Geo network making its first comedy

National Geographic making comedic look at history of the world

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 02:28am EDT

GLAAD study finds studio movies lagging in LGBT roles

GLAAD study finds studio movies lagging in LGBT roles, but slight improvement in last year

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 02:00am EDT

Review: Tom Hardy excels but 'Child 44' feels like 40 movies

Film review: Tom Hardy excels, but overly stuffed 'Child 44' feels like 40 different movies

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 01:32am EDT

Gun rights group sues over Norman festival's weapons ban

Gun rights group files lawsuit over Norman festival's weapons ban, wants to carry firearms

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 01:00am EDT
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