5:04 pm, August 20, 2014

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Netflix goes for laughs with new stand-up specials

Netflix goes for laughs with stand-up comedy specials by Bill Cosby, Chelsea Peretti and more

Friday - 08/15/2014, 07:08am EDT

Chuck Todd taking over NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Chuck Todd to host 'Meet the Press,' replacing moderator David Gregory, who will exit NBC

Friday - 08/15/2014, 07:06am EDT

Amy Grant traveling aboard Santa Train this year

Singer Amy Grant will travel aboard Santa Train this year as gifts delivered in Appalachia

Friday - 08/15/2014, 04:40am EDT

Western Md. steam train gets Hollywood role

Western Md. Scenic Railroad steam locomotive gets role in upcoming Hollywood film "Ithaca"

Friday - 08/15/2014, 04:20am EDT

W-I-N-N-E-R! Oregon man crowned Scrabble champ

W-I-N-N-E-R! 24-year-old Oregon man, No. 2 seed, wins national Scrabble championship, $10,000

Friday - 08/15/2014, 03:34am EDT

Taylor Swift to perform on MTV Video Music Awards

Pop star Taylor Swift to perform for 4th time on MTV Video Music Awards

Friday - 08/15/2014, 01:48am EDT

Review: New tricks can't rescue 'Expendables 3'

Film Review: New tricks can't rescue tired, old 'Expendables 3'

Friday - 08/15/2014, 12:16am EDT

Top 20 Concert Tours from Pollstar

Top 20 Concert Tours from Pollstar

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 07:28pm EDT

Former home of J.D. Salinger up for sale

New Hampshire home once occupied by J.D. Salinger selling for $679,000

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 06:46pm EDT

Robin Williams' death united many _ if they knew

News of Robin Williams' death united his fans _ unless they happened to be out of earshot

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 06:23pm EDT

Inspiration for 'Orange' character has book deal

Cleary Wolter, inspiration for Alex Vause of 'Orange is the New Black,' has book deal

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 05:40pm EDT

A-Rod cousin says not guilty in Florida drug case

A-Rod's cousin pleads not guilty in baseball doping case centered around Florida clinic

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Hernandez excused from hearing in Boston murders

Aaron Hernandez excused from hearing in drive-by shooting case in which 2 were killed

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Robin Williams' public joy, private pain

Despite depression, Robin Williams presented joyful face to friends, public before death

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 04:26pm EDT



Thursday - 08/14/2014, 04:10pm EDT



Thursday - 08/14/2014, 04:00pm EDT



Thursday - 08/14/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Museums team up to digitize Warhol films

Museums in NYC, Pittsburgh team up to digitize hundreds of Andy Warhol films

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 03:40pm EDT

A look at Manfred, Werner & Brosnan ahead of vote

A look at Rob Manfred, Tom Werner and Tim Brosnan ahead of vote for next MLB commissioner

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 03:36pm EDT

Schools invest millions preparing for SEC Network

Schools invest millions, hire staff while preparing for SEC Network's Aug. 14 launch

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 03:27am EDT

Taylor Swift waxes philosophical on 'Giver' themes

Taylor Swift, discussing 'The Giver,' waxes philosophical on happiness, pain

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:52am EDT

Unpaid O.J. Simpson civil judgment to be auctioned

Ronald Goldman's mother auctioning $9 million unpaid judgment against O.J. Simpson

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:51am EDT

Sharks keep hold on TV viewers' attention

Shark Week debuts with highest-rated night yet in 27 years; the 'Sharknado' effect?

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:51am EDT

Official: Robin Williams hanged himself with belt

Robin Williams hanged himself with belt, found by personal assistant, sheriff's official says

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:51am EDT

Lauren Bacall, sultry-voiced actress, dead at 89

Actress Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart partner, dead at 89 in New York

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:51am EDT
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