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Government Shutdown

Congress is responsible for passing annual appropriations to fund government agencies. If Congress neglects to pass funding bills, government agencies are forced to shut down. Follow all of Federal News Radio's government shutdown coverage from the past several years.

House crafting CR to prevent government shutdown

Lawmakers are working on a continuing resolution to fund the government through late fall. Congress has not approved any of the 12 appropriations bills necessary to keep agencies running after the fiscal year ends in three weeks.

Friday - 09/09/2011, 07:54pm EDT

Clearance jobs and the government shutdown editor Lindy Kyzer joins host Derrick Dortch for a discussion of the current job market and what you can do to find out which jobs are available.
April 8, 2011 (Encore presentation April 29, 2011)

Friday - 04/08/2011, 07:36pm EDT

Has the Tea Party screwed up?

Dave Ross, commentator

Thursday - 04/07/2011, 06:28pm EDT

Just who is essential?

Dave Ross, commentator

Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 08:11pm EDT

D.C. mayor raises spectre of disobedience amid shutdown

Mark Plotkin, WTOP political analyst

Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 08:06pm EDT

GOP hedging bets on temporary spending plan

Martin Kady, congressional bureau chief for Politico

Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 08:00pm EDT

Shut it down

Dave Ross, commentator

Tuesday - 04/05/2011, 07:28pm EDT

Gray: Federal shutdown threatens D.C. city services

A shutdown of the federal government could cause a chain reaction and lead to the loss of many D.C. city services, the District's mayor says.

Tuesday - 04/05/2011, 02:12pm EDT

Unions urge feds to call Congress to stop shutdown

Two employee unions, NTEU and NFFE, want their members to make their voices heard about what they say is the real impact of a government shutdown. The organizations are asking federal employees to call their member of Congress April 5. The unions also are trying to improve how they communicate with members about the shutdown.

Monday - 04/04/2011, 04:14pm EDT

Spending compromise does not include GOP cuts

Jeanne Cummings, assistant managing editor for Politico

Tuesday - 03/01/2011, 08:20pm EST

SSA getting caught up in budget unrest

AFGE plans to protest on Wednesday the possible spending cuts to the Social Security Administration in more than 20 states. SSA Commission Astrue tried to alleviate spending concerns with an e-mail to employees. Meanwhile, SSA and AFGE are negotiating a new contract.

Monday - 02/28/2011, 04:42pm EST

Dems not afraid of government shutdown

Jim Barnes, political correspondent for National Journal

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 07:30pm EST

Pressure on Congress next week to avoid shutdown

Carrie Budoff Brown, congressional reporter for Politico

Tuesday - 02/22/2011, 08:36pm EST

House GOP targets more programs for deeper budget cuts

Republican leaders in the House are calling for even deeper budgets cuts by putting forward a plan that cuts about $60 billion to hundreds of federal programs for the seven months remaining in the current fiscal year.

Friday - 02/11/2011, 12:49pm EST

What will happen to feds in 2011?

This week's show is all about you - the federal employee. What other changes may be in store for feds in 2011 in the wake of the federal pay freeze and the change in Congress?
January 12, 2011

Wednesday - 01/12/2011, 11:48am EST

Congress approves three-day continuing resolution

The House and Senate have passed a short-term continuing resolution that will keep the government operating until Dec. 21, 2010.

Saturday - 12/18/2010, 12:06pm EST
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