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CIO: VA must centralize IT management

VA CIO Roger Baker says Government IT systems are at increased risk to inside and outside threats because many agencies don't have a centralized budget or operational authority over their IT systems.

Friday - 02/25/2011, 03:09pm EST

Budget battle: What would Lincoln do?

Harold Holzer, vice president for External Affairs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, explains how President Lincoln might address the current budget troubles facing the federal government.

Friday - 02/25/2011, 02:52pm EST

Navy, Air Force kick off baseball series

Friday - 02/25/2011, 02:46pm EST

Navy starts construction on new carrier

The "first cut of steel" ceremony took place in Newport News and the steel plate will be used in the construction of the yet-to-be named carrier.

Friday - 02/25/2011, 02:31pm EST

OPM evaluates agency hiring of vets, disabled

OPM Deputy Director Christine Griffin has an update on the effort increase diversity at your agency.

Friday - 02/25/2011, 01:41pm EST

DorobekINSIDER guest host: Tim McManus

Friday - 02/25/2011, 01:35pm EST

Dorobek Most Read Stories on Feb. 24

Friday - 02/25/2011, 12:58pm EST

Reporters' Roundup: computer network health, smartphones in the Army

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 05:06pm EST

AmericaSpeaks online tools aim to boost public engagement

Carolyn Lukensmeyer of AmericaSpeaks explains how in-person communication methods are being translated online to increase agencies' ability to engage the public.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 04:04pm EST

Public-private partnership promotes green homes

Ruth Ann Norton of Green and Healthy Homes Initiative explains how the organization works with federal agencies to increases sustainability in homes.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:59pm EST

ResponsibilityWorks boosts contractor transparency

The new online tool aims to improve measurements and the performance of federal contractors.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:46pm EST

DorobekINSIDER guest host: Lena Trudeau

A bio of guest host Lena Trudeau of NAPA.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:44pm EST

Listen LIVE 5 p.m. for Air Force tanker announcement

Two companies vying for the tanker contract are Chicago-based Boeing Co. and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:44pm EST

Petraeus to investigate psych op claims

After allegations emerged that the Army may have illegally carried out psychological operations on Congressional delegations to secure increased funding for the war in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petreaus will investigate the matter.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:22pm EST

Survey: Cybersecurity needs must be higher priority

The State of Government Information Security survey finds cyber IT needs are not given enough attention at organizations.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:16pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - February 24

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:12pm EST

EU concerned about new online cookies

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 03:10pm EST

Causey: Possible furlough, no pay

The shutdown 15 years ago could provide insight for feds but no guarantees can be made.

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 07:47pm EST

Shoop: Weekend shutdown 'tempting' to some

Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief of Government Executive, says given the political climate in Congress now, a short-term shutdown over the weekend could play out.

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 06:48pm EST

Will feds eye TSP as fast cash in shutdown?

Tom Trabucco, the Director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, discusses the likelihood of feds taking out TSP funds in the event of a furlough.

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 03:34pm EST
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