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Amtower Off-Center

Mondays, 3 p.m.

Hosted by nationally-known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower, Amtower Off-Center highlights the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts join Amtower for a lively discussion of current issues facing the government contractor community.

Dee Lee lets loose

Deidre Lee
Executive Vice President
Professional Services Council
August 31st, 2009

Monday - 08/31/2009, 12:22pm EDT

Leveraging social media for corporate growth

Paul Gillin
Consultant, speaker, blogger
Paul Gillin Communications
July 13th, 2009

Monday - 07/13/2009, 10:48am EDT

From High Atop Beautiful Tysons Corner

Mark Bisnow
Guy Timberlake
July 6th, 2009

Monday - 07/06/2009, 12:22pm EDT

The Realities of Federal Plastic

David Shea
Office of Charge Card Management, GSA
April 13th, 2009
(Rebroadcast June 29th, 2009)

Monday - 06/29/2009, 11:31am EDT

LinkedIn UnPlugged

Chris Dorobek
Co-Anchor, Daily Debrief
June 22nd, 2009

Monday - 06/22/2009, 10:34am EDT

Make Room for 2.0

Alan Balutis
Director, IBSG
Cisco Systems, Inc.
June 15th, 2009

Monday - 06/15/2009, 09:13am EDT

The Precarious Position of Mid-sized Firms

Bill Hoover
CEO and president
American Systems
June 1st, 2009

Monday - 06/01/2009, 09:35am EDT

Stimulus? What Stimulus?

Steve Charles
EVP & co-founder
Immix Group
April 20th, 2009

Monday - 04/20/2009, 02:00pm EDT

Kerry's First Story

and a description

Wednesday - 04/01/2009, 04:34pm EDT

Aware of Awareness

Louis Numkin
Gretchen Morris
February 23rd, 2009

Monday - 02/23/2009, 02:10pm EST

The road ahead for contracting

Steve Charles
EVP & co-founder
Immix Group
January 26th, 2009
(Rebroadcast February 16th, 2009)

Monday - 02/16/2009, 10:51am EST

Where the Money Will Go

Kevin Plexico
February 9th, 2009

Monday - 02/09/2009, 11:42am EST

All Things Transition

Robert Woods
Founder and President
Topside Consulting Group, LLC
February 2nd, 2009

Monday - 02/02/2009, 11:54am EST

The Boys Talkin' Toys

Chris Dorobek,
The Daily Debrief
October 3rd, 2008

Tuesday - 11/04/2008, 11:58am EST

Small Business, Big Concerns

John Hrastar,
September 12th, 2008

Friday - 09/12/2008, 11:56am EDT

Takin' It To The Hill

Deanna Gelak
Lobbying and Advocacy
September 5th, 2008

Monday - 09/08/2008, 12:31pm EDT

Covering the Waterfront

Steve Watkins
August 29th, 2008

Friday - 08/29/2008, 11:06am EDT

The Changing Mediascape

Gal Borenstein
CEO and Chief Strategist
The Borenstein Group
August 22nd, 2008

Monday - 08/25/2008, 11:03am EDT

Winning Business

Martin Saenz
CEO, Signs by Saenz
Harry Ponack
Moving Consultant, Matthew Moving Co., Inc.
August 8th, 2008

Friday - 08/08/2008, 12:33pm EDT

The Beginning of the End

Steve Charles
Co-founder & Executive Vice President
August 1st, 2008
(reairs 08/15/08)

Friday - 08/01/2008, 11:05am EDT
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