9:28 am, April 1, 2015

U.S. News

Northeast gets another blast of winter on 1st day of spring

Northeastern US gets another blast of winter weather just as spring officially arrives

Friday - 03/20/2015, 10:56pm EDT

Remnants of wild winter dictate spring US weather woes

Forecasters worry about worsening western drought, moderate eastern flooding after wild winter

Friday - 03/20/2015, 10:40pm EDT

Attorney: Ex-NFL player Sharper plans to plea in rape cases

Ex-NFL player Darren Sharper reaches plea agreements in rape cases against him in 4 states

Friday - 03/20/2015, 09:28pm EDT

1st phase of Boston Marathon bombing trial winding down

Guilt phase of Boston Marathon bombing trial winding down; penalty phase is next

Friday - 03/20/2015, 07:18pm EDT

State bills would limit access to officer body camera videos

State lawmakers, police groups seek to restrict public access to videos from body cameras

Friday - 03/20/2015, 06:36pm EDT

Penn St students protest against frat over nude photo posts

100-plus Penn State students, supporters protest against frat over nude photos on Facebook

Friday - 03/20/2015, 06:26pm EDT

'Lincoln Speaks' exhibit shows words' transformative power

'Lincoln Speaks' exhibit showcases transformative words _ stirring, soothing, commanding

Friday - 03/20/2015, 06:00pm EDT

Felon using expedited airport security lane renews concerns

Disclosure that a felon used expedited airport security line renews airplane security concerns

Friday - 03/20/2015, 04:30pm EDT

Winter sets global heat record despite US East's big chill

While Eastern US froze much of the winter, rest of globe went other way, setting heat records

Friday - 03/20/2015, 03:58pm EDT

Napa winemaker was unraveling before he shot investor, self

Napa winemaker's life, finances unspooling before he killed investor in vineyard, himself

Friday - 03/20/2015, 02:47pm EDT

New law opens access to adoptees' birth certificates

New adoption law provides easier access to birth certificates for thousands of adoptees

Friday - 03/20/2015, 02:33pm EDT

Penn State board warned of impact of sexual misconduct

Penn State board warned of negative impact of sexual misconduct, briefed on new initiative

Friday - 03/20/2015, 01:50pm EDT

Atlantic City's newest tourism push touts entertainment

New tourism campaign to promote Atlantic City concentrates on entertainment offerings

Friday - 03/20/2015, 01:20pm EDT

Secrecy preserved in police chokehold death probe

Push to lift veil of secrecy in NYC police chokehold grand jury hits legal wall

Friday - 03/20/2015, 01:16pm EDT

Schools nationwide struggle with substitute teacher shortage

Shortage of substitute teachers forces schools to tap administrators, divide classes to cope

Friday - 03/20/2015, 11:58am EDT

A year later, scars of deadliest US landslide remain fresh

A year later, signs of loss, recovery at Washington state site of nation's deadliest landslide

Friday - 03/20/2015, 11:36am EDT

Correction: Boston Marathon Bombing story

Correction: Boston Marathon Bombing story

Friday - 03/20/2015, 11:30am EDT

Bronx man sentenced in rat poison death of 5-year-old son

Bronx man sentenced in death of 5-year-old son after feeding him pizza laced with rat poison

Friday - 03/20/2015, 11:30am EDT

Gruesome Colorado case sheds light on fetal homicide laws

Case of Colorado woman allegedly cutting fetus from mother highlights fetal homicide debate

Friday - 03/20/2015, 09:52am EDT

Album with Lincoln, Grant autographs goes unsold in NYC

Album with Lincoln, Grant autographs collected during Civil War goes unsold at NYC auction

Friday - 03/20/2015, 07:19am EDT
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