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Department of Commerce News

Task force seeks comments on small business contracting

The administration is looking for ways to improve contracting with small businesses and wants the public's input.

Monday - 06/14/2010, 03:25pm EDT

GAO: Agency rules allow conferences at resort locations

A recent GAO report looked at agencies' policies for choosing the locations of conferences and found that cost was the number one factor when it came to planning. Details from GAO's Lorelei St. James.

Monday - 06/14/2010, 11:33am EDT

USPTO puts tasty innovation on display

Inventive Eats: Incredible Food Innovations highlights how our breakfast cereals, sandwiches, dinner entrees, and more have been transformed by significant events, discoveries and inventions. We get the tasty details from the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, David Kappos.

Friday - 06/11/2010, 10:40am EDT

Porn Viewing vs. Coffee Breaks

Is the person in the next cubicle doing his or her important government job, or viewing porn? And is this a problem exclusive to government? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey takes a peek at the porn problem.

Thursday - 05/27/2010, 04:00am EDT

NIST to coordinate interagency cyber effort

Computer breaches starting to level off, GISLA awards open for nominations

Friday - 04/30/2010, 08:30am EDT

Rockefeller stumps for cybersecurity

The Senate is now considering one of several cybersecurity bills now making their way through the U.S. Congress. The principal co-author of one bill spoke to a software industry group holding a cybersecurity forum at the Newseum yesterday.

Friday - 04/30/2010, 07:56am EDT

Obama calls for more small business contracting

The President also establishes a new task force on veterans small business development. New executive order on small business requires a new Web site to list agency small business contracting data. The order also creates a new interagency taskforce to make recommendations on improving federal progress in meeting governmentwide goals.

Tuesday - 04/27/2010, 06:11am EDT

Third time a Locke?

Tuesday - 02/24/2009, 10:28am EST

Census Bureau: From Commerce to independence?

Previewing a bill that could change the future of the U.S. Census Bureau. (part 1 of 2)

Monday - 02/16/2009, 07:25am EST

The Politicalization of the 2010 Census

Thursday - 02/12/2009, 07:37pm EST

Where the Money Will Go

Kevin Plexico
February 9th, 2009

Monday - 02/09/2009, 11:42am EST

PTO awards $95 million contract

Tuesday - 11/04/2008, 02:51pm EST
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