12:10 am, March 3, 2015

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Companies in West Coast port dispute make appeal to workers

Companies in West Coast port dispute take their push for new contract directly to dockworkers

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 09:10pm EST

Seattle tunnel machine Bertha moves toward access pit

Seattle tunnel machine Bertha moves toward access pit after being stalled for more than a year

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 08:30pm EST

Fire smolders a 3rd day from W.Va. oil train derailment

Fire from oil train derailment smolders for a 3rd day in southern West Virginia

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 06:18pm EST

Police chased tractor-trailer 34 miles, dodged thrown fridge

Police: Tractor-trailer driver arrested after 34-mile pursuit, items tossed at police units

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 06:10pm EST

Kate Brown, Oregon's new governor, at a glance

A biographical look at Kate Brown, Oregon's new governor

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 05:54pm EST

Ex-girlfriend: 'American Sniper' defendant had temper

Ex-girlfriend of defendant in 'American Sniper' trial says defendant had temper

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 05:39pm EST

Sister of 'American Sniper' defendant: He said he killed 2

Ex-Marine's sister testifies that he said he took the 'souls' of 'American Sniper' and friend

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 05:23pm EST

SD's US attorney to resign, join firm with ND's prosecutor

South Dakota's US attorney resigns to join national law firm that also hired ND's prosecutor

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 03:40pm EST

Study: Oklahoma's daily small quakes raise risk of big ones

Federal study: Oklahoma more at risk of big damaging quakes because of increase in small ones

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 03:26pm EST

Apples modified to resist browning receive federal approval

Apples modified to resist browning get federal OK; first ones may be available in late 2016

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 02:30pm EST

White House puts immigration plans on hold after ruling

Immigration orders blocked, Obama administration pledges appeal of Texas judge's ruling

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 02:06pm EST

Mardi Gras: Last tipsy revelers sent home, trash swept up

Mardi Gras over: Police clear last tipsy revelers, crews sweep up tons of trash, tossed beads

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 09:52am EST

NY antiquities collection donated to Israel Museum

NYC philanthropists donate antiquities collection to The Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 09:43am EST

Immigrants disappointed but not deterred by judge's ruling

Immigrants disappointed but not deterred by judge's decision to block Obama program

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 04:44am EST

Correction: Health Overhaul-Penalties story

Correction: Health Overhaul-Penalties story

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 03:50am EST

From the Gulf to New England, cold grips the US

Roof collapse a worry in New England, while South freezes in snowstorm

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 03:36am EST

APNewsBreak: AP sources say port talks focus on arbitrator

APNewsBreak: AP sources say port talks focused on arbitrator who resolves workplace disputes

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 03:12am EST

Mother of defendant in 'American Sniper' trial testifies

Defendant's mother testifies in 'American Sniper' trial she didn't know of shooting range plan

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 02:30am EST

Governor apologizes for police treatment of Indian man

Alabama governor apologizes for treatment of Indian man, says officer used excessive force

Tuesday - 02/17/2015, 09:20pm EST

Train carrying 3 million gallons of crude still burning

Train with 3 million gallons of oil still burns after explosion as White House mulls new rules

Tuesday - 02/17/2015, 09:09pm EST
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