3:18 pm, January 30, 2015

Health News

African Cup: Welcoming the soccer, watching out for Ebola

Equatorial Guinea watching out for Ebola as it welcomes African Cup soccer tournament

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 07:54pm EST

Medicare aims to improve coordinating seniors' chronic care

HEALTHBEAT: Medicare to pay to improve coordination of care for seniors with chronic illnesses

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 02:42pm EST

Obese preschoolers may slim down with Head Start, study says

Obese preschoolers slim down in Head Start study; focus on nutrition, activity might be why

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 01:08pm EST

Details of Obama's proposals for more paid leave

Details of Obama's proposals for more paid sick, parental and family leave for workers

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 12:48pm EST

Online signups cut the wait for ER care, doctor appointments

Online signups can help patients avoid long waits for a doctor appointment, care in the ER

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 09:18am EST

Iowa man who fought to use marijuana oil on rare cancer dies

Iowa man convicted of growing marijuana he used to treat rare form of cancer dies

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 09:10am EST

China sending large Ebola relief team to West Africa

China to send 232 medical workers to West Africa as it ramps up its Ebola aid

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 05:18am EST

Massachusetts doctor who beat Ebola heading back to Liberia

Massachusetts doctor who overcame Ebola heading back to Liberia to treat the chronically ill

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 05:18am EST

San Diego-area clinic closes after seeing measles symptoms

San Diego-area clinic closes after patients appear with measles symptoms, tests underway

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 09:20pm EST

Company donates drug to help Ga. police address overdoses

Virginia-based company donates drug to help metro Atlanta police address opioid overdoses

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 06:00pm EST

DC Council to consider 'Death with Dignity' bill

DC Council to consider bill allowing terminally ill patients to request lethal medication

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 06:00pm EST

Brazil approves marijuana derivative for medical treatment

Brazil health agency approves marijuana derivative to treat severe seizures, other conditions

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 04:53pm EST

Health overhaul sign-ups edge higher

With a month left to open enrollment season, health law sign-ups edge higher

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 04:20pm EST

FDA approves appetite-zapping implant for obese patients

FDA approves implant designed to treat obesity by zapping nerves linked to appetite

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 02:01pm EST

Sierra Leone president predicts 0 Ebola cases by March end

Sierra Leone president predicts zero new Ebola cases by the end of March; 19 new cases occur

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 12:17pm EST

Maryland state senator plans to introduce right-to-die bill

Maryland state senator says he plans to introduce right-to-die bill; Hogan opposed

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 11:30am EST

Egypt's military prosecutor to investigate 'AIDS detector'

Egypt's military prosecutor to investigate 'AIDS detector' that experts home, abroad derided

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 10:48am EST

Thousands protest in Spain for better hepatitis C treatment

Thousand march in Spain to protest equal access to latest-generation hepatitis C treatments

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 10:46am EST

Va. launches health plan for uninsured with mental illnesses

Virginia launches health plan for uninsured who have serious mental illnesses

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 08:40am EST

Texas soldier's death investigated; Ebola tests negative

Officials investigate death of Texas soldier who served in Africa; Ebola tests negative

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 10:29pm EST
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