11:32 am, September 16, 2014

Health News

Tokyo closes park seen as local source of dengue

Tokyo's Yoyogi park closes gates as number of cases of dengue rises; doctors put on alert

Friday - 09/05/2014, 01:54am EDT

US doctor infected with Ebola heading to Nebraska

US doctor infected with Ebola while working in Liberia to get treatment at Nebraska hospital

Friday - 09/05/2014, 01:34am EDT

Pharmacist arrested in tainted steroid case

Pharmacist linked to meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people is arrested on fraud charge

Friday - 09/05/2014, 12:00am EDT

Study: Action-packed TV might make you snack more

Action-packed TV might also pack on pounds by triggering mindless snacking, research suggests

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Follow-up tests reveal Jim Kelly free of cancer

Follow-up tests reveal Buffalo Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly is free of cancer

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Tenn. Supreme Court hears faith healing case

Tenn. Supreme Court hears appeal of mother who used prayer to try to cure daughter's cancer

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:09pm EDT

Double mastectomy doesn't boost survival for most

Double mastectomies are on the rise but don't boost most women's survival chances, study says

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:04pm EDT

Giants fans find new experience in edible garden

New edible garden at AT&T Park offers fans healthy lessons in unique ballpark setting

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:36pm EDT

FDA: Little evidence to support testosterone drugs

Regulators review health benefits and heart risks of testosterone-boosting drugs for men

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Obama addresses West Africans on facts about Ebola

Obama encourages West Africans to take care when handling living or dead infected with Ebola

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 03:16pm EDT

Texas abortion clinic to reopen after court ruling

Texas abortion clinic to reopen after judge strikes down key part of state anti-abortion law

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 03:02pm EDT

Google's health startup forges venture with AbbVie

Google's ambitious health startup Calico teams with biotech drugmaker AbbVie in R&D venture

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Marijuana's hazy contribution to highway deaths

As states liberalize marijuana laws, risks of smoking pot before driving remain hazy

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 01:10pm EDT

5 things to know about driving on marijuana

5 things to know about driving high on marijuana

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Cigarette co Reynolds taking nicotine gum national

Cigarette maker Reynolds American expanding sales of gum aimed at helping smokers quit

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 10:40am EDT

UK High Court OKs extradition of mentally ill man

Britain's High Court OKs extradition of mentally ill terrorism suspect to the United States

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 10:10am EDT

WHO: New Ebola fears mount in Nigeria

Fresh Ebola fears emerge in Nigeria as W. Africa death toll surpasses 1,900, UN says

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 09:16am EDT

African Cup: Drogba, Eto'o gone, problems remain

No Drogba or Eto'o, but Ebola and other problems for final African Cup qualifiers

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:56am EDT

Ebola survivors: Hospital staff exposed in Africa

US aid workers to AP: Hospital staff lacking protections in Liberia are often exposed to Ebola

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:50am EDT
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