8:04 am, December 19, 2014

Of Consuming Interest

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Of Consuming Interest is a weekly show hosted by Shirley Rooker that examines the most important consumer issues today. Shirley can be reached via email at shirley@callforaction.org

Teens mentoring seniors - 12/14/14

Brenda Rusnak and Saffron Cassaday, developers of the documentary film "Cyber Seniors," discuss how their project has helped seniors feel comfortable using the Internet and social networking sites.

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 07:49am EST

Credit card warranties - 12/7/14

Jill Gonzalez, spokesperson for CardHub.com, compares the extended warranties offered by credit cards.

Saturday - 12/06/2014, 08:48am EST

Teens mentoring seniors - 11/30/14

Brenda Rusnak and Saffron Cassaday, developers of the documentary film "Cyber Seniors," discuss how their project has helped seniors feel comfortable using the Internet and social networking sites.

Saturday - 11/29/2014, 08:11am EST

The move toward electronic gift cards - 11/23/14

Jeanine Skowronsky discusses the changes that have taken place in gift cards and how the move is toward gifts cards that are electronic rather than the traditional plastic cards.

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 09:29am EST

How state taxation affects business - 11/16/14

Joe Henchman of the Tax Foundation discusses the impact of state taxes on businesses.

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 09:27am EST

Hearing loss at the workplace -- 11/09/14

Audiologist Jennifer Cushing discusses hearing loss, the effects of workplace noise and loud music on hearing, and ways to protect against hearing damage.

Saturday - 11/08/2014, 10:42am EST

Adjusting your own insurance - 11/2/14

Laura Adams, a senior analyst with insurancequotes.com, discusses how consumers can save up to 19% on their car insurance by increasing the deductible from $500 to $1,000, depending on the state in which they live.

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 01:18pm EDT

Hidden price increases - 10/19/14

Edgar Dworsky, founder of www.mouseprint.org and www.consumerworld.org , discusses how manufacturers are downsizing products without reducing prices.

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:30am EDT

Managing your portfolio - 10/12/14

Certified financial planner Joe Hemsley of Ameriprise Financial Services talks about investing in the stock market and shares other financial strategies for today's post-recession economy.

Saturday - 10/11/2014, 09:11am EDT

Finding the best school for your child - 9/28/14

Andrew Campanella, president of School Choice Week, discusses the many types of educational opportunities for children.

Saturday - 09/27/2014, 07:15am EDT

Broadband usage - 9/21/14

Debra Berlyn, president of Consumer Policy Solutions, discusses the ways technology is changing our lives.

Saturday - 09/20/2014, 08:27am EDT

Protect your health information - 9/14/14

Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of consumer-generated health information, such as through health or exercise apps.

Saturday - 09/13/2014, 08:44am EDT

Securities investment fraud - 9/7/14

Owen Donley, Chief Counsel, Office of Investor Education and Advocacy at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, discusses how fraudsters have turned to social media to scam securities investors.

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 08:47am EDT

Personal finances - 8/31/14

Financial advisor Joe Hemsley discusses the ins and outs of personal finance.

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 07:15am EDT

The best credit cards for travel abroad - 8/24/14

Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of CardHub.com, discusses the best credit cards to use for currency conversion when traveling abroad.

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 08:14am EDT

What a pothole can cost you - 8/17/14

Sue Nester, spokeswoman for the Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, and Mike McCartin of McCartin Insurance talk about the multi-billion dollar cost of potholes to the driving public.

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 09:27am EDT

Stop unwanted phone calls - 8/10/14

Aaron Foss, the developer of Nomorobo, discusses how this innovative program stops those annoying computer generated phone calls.

Saturday - 08/09/2014, 09:46am EDT

The FCC and Net neutrality

James Gattuso of the Heritage Foundation discusses the Federal Communications Commission's proposed regulation of the internet and what "net neutrality" really means for business and consumers.

Saturday - 08/02/2014, 09:21am EDT

Big data - 7/27/14

David LeDuc of the Software and Information Industry Association discusses how big data can help in solving crimes and preventing government fraud, as well as the benefits to consumers.

Saturday - 07/26/2014, 07:42am EDT

Colon cancer screening - 7/21/14

Dr. Richard Gelfand discusses colon cancer, which is the second most common cancer in this country, and points out the necessity of prevention and detection.

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 09:45am EDT
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