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Tom Ruff

Monday - 02/23/2015, 02:15pm EST

Jeremy Grant

Monday - 10/20/2014, 11:31am EDT

Matt Dean

Monday - 06/09/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Rod Turk

Monday - 06/09/2014, 09:53am EDT

Matthew Keller

Tuesday - 05/27/2014, 09:40am EDT

Mark Seward

Tuesday - 05/27/2014, 09:36am EDT

Robert B. Dix, Jr.

Tuesday - 05/27/2014, 09:30am EDT

Roland P. Fabia

Tuesday - 05/27/2014, 09:22am EDT

Stacy Cleveland

Monday - 05/19/2014, 01:26pm EDT

Damian Whitham

Monday - 05/19/2014, 01:19pm EDT

Shishu S. Gupta

Monday - 05/19/2014, 01:13pm EDT

David Blankenhorn

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 02:28pm EDT

Dawn Leaf

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 02:23pm EDT

Stephen J. Wallo

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:57am EDT

Michael Conlin

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 02:09pm EDT

Jeff Porter

Tuesday - 01/28/2014, 11:26am EST

John Kunzier

Friday - 01/24/2014, 09:26am EST

Jason Kimrey

Jason Kimrey is the Director of Federal Sales for Intel Corporation. He currently leads a business development team responsible for working throughout the US Government to address mission requirements of Defense and Civilian agencies through the use of leading edge technologies. Jason has held various Sales and Marketing positions throughout his 13 year career at Intel. Prior to Intel, Jason worked extensively in the government and healthcare industries at EDS and NY Life. He holds a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University and an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Friday - 01/24/2014, 09:23am EST

Stan Kaczmarczyk

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 02:07pm EST

Maria Roat

Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 11:25am EST
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