10:29 pm, May 5, 2015

Of Consuming Interest

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Of Consuming Interest is a weekly show hosted by Shirley Rooker that examines the most important consumer issues today. Shirley can be reached via email at shirley@callforaction.org

Will power - 5/3/15

Andy Cohen, founder of Caring.com, talks about the importance of wills yours, as well as that of aging parents.

Saturday - 05/02/2015, 08:26am EDT

Keeping debts down - 4/26/15

Greg McBride of Bankrate.com discusses the ratio of credit card debt to savings and the problems caused by the high debt load.

Saturday - 04/25/2015, 09:25am EDT

Financial fraudsters - 4/19/15

M. Owen Donley III of the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy at the Securities and Exchange Commission discusses some of the brazen ways in which crooks engage in investment fraud.

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 08:42am EDT

Improving the health of health care - 4/12/15

Dr. Maja Djukic, assistant professor at New York University's College of Nursing and a lead researcher on a project that examined nurse managers and quality improvement, discusses changes in the way health care is delivered.

Saturday - 04/11/2015, 09:33am EDT

State taxes and your business - 4/5/15

Joe Henchman of the Tax Foundation discusses the impact of state taxes on businesses.

Saturday - 04/04/2015, 11:02am EDT

Legal tips for the little guy - 3/29/15

Tom Gordon with Consumers for a Responsive Legal System discusses law changes in California's small claims court, making a contract with a lawyer and how to complain about a lawyer.

Saturday - 03/28/2015, 11:49am EDT

Starting a small business - 3/15/15

Hal Shelton, author of the book "The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan," discusses strategies for starting a small business.

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 12:35pm EDT

Deer-proofing your garden - 3/8/15

Sandy Farber of the University of the District of Columbia's Cooperative Extension Services discusses plants that deer are less likely to eat and strategies for keeping deer out of your garden

Saturday - 03/07/2015, 11:19am EST

What a pothole can cost you - 3/1/15

Sue Nester, spokeswoman for the Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, and Mike McCartin of McCartin Insurance talk about the multi-billion dollar cost of potholes to the driving public.

Saturday - 02/28/2015, 11:03am EST

Federal law and your medical privacy - 2/22/15

Twila Brase, president of the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, discusses the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and how it is not a protection of your privacy.

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 08:47am EST

How new technology will shape your life - 2/15/15

Debra Berlyn, president of Consumer Policy Solutions, discusses new technologies such as 3D printers, smart watches, and drones.

Saturday - 02/14/2015, 09:36am EST

The Federal Reserve and your interest rates - 2/8/15

Greg McBride of Bankrate.com discusses the impact if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 10:28am EST

Making the legal system accessible - 1/25/15

Tom Gordon of Consumers for a Responsive Legal System discusses the group's efforts to make the legal system more accessible to consumers.

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 07:30am EST

The insurance fraud hall of shame - 1/18/15

Jim Quiggle of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud discusses the tremendous cost of insurance fraud.

Saturday - 01/17/2015, 09:16am EST

What a pothole can cost you - 1/11/15

Sue Nester, spokesperson for the Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, and Mike McCartin of McCartin Insurance talk about the multi-billion dollar cost of potholes to the driving public.

Saturday - 01/10/2015, 08:18am EST

The best credit cards for travel abroad - 1/4/15

Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of CardHub.com, discusses the best credit cards to use for currency conversion when traveling abroad.

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 10:40am EST

Big data - 12/28/14

David LeDuc of the Software and Information Industry Association discusses how big data can help in solving crimes and preventing government fraud.

Saturday - 12/27/2014, 08:15am EST

The move toward electronic gift cards - 12/21/14

Jeanine Skowronsky of bankrate.com discusses the changes that have taken place in gift cards and how the move is toward gift cards that are electronic rather than the traditional plastic cards.

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 08:02am EST

Teens mentoring seniors - 12/14/14

Brenda Rusnak and Saffron Cassaday, developers of the documentary film "Cyber Seniors," discuss how their project has helped seniors feel comfortable using the Internet and social networking sites.

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 07:49am EST

Credit card warranties - 12/7/14

Jill Gonzalez, spokesperson for CardHub.com, compares the extended warranties offered by credit cards.

Saturday - 12/06/2014, 08:48am EST
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