8:57 pm, November 24, 2014

World News

Erdogan: women are not equal to men

Turkey's Erdogan declares women unequal to men, unable to take on the same work as men

Updated 59 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Iraqi troops take 2 towns from Islamic State group

Iraqi troops and Shiite militias retake 2 towns from Islamic State group in eastern province

Updated 59 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Japan's young fret as unexpected recession hits

Japan's young fret over uncertain future as herculean stimulus effort fails to halt recession

Updated 41 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Portugal ex-premier held in prison in fraud case

Judge places Portuguese ex-premier in prison while awaiting charges in fraud, corruption case

Updated 42 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Iran nuclear talks stumble, extended until July

Negotiators fail to reach final deal on Iran's nuclear issues, talks extended until July

Updated 42 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Russia gets greater control over Black Sea region

Russia gets greater control over Abkhazia, the lush breakaway Georgian region on the Black Sea

Updated 42 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Pope to take on hot EU topics in Strasbourg visit

In Strasbourg, Pope to lay out principles on hot EU issues like immigration, unemployment

Updated 42 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Israel resumes razing homes to punish attackers

Israel resumes razing homes of Palestinian attackers, a punishment once deemed ineffective

Updated 43 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Afghan bombings kill 2 NATO troops, 6 civilians

Afghan bombings kill 2 NATO troops, 6 civilians; death toll rises in year's deadliest attack

Updated 43 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Swiss museum gets huge, priceless art trove

Swiss museum accepts huge, priceless Gurlitt art trove; Germany publishes Nazi-era art ledgers

Monday - 11/24/2014, 06:12pm EST

UK police: up to 5 terror plots foiled this year

Scotland Yard chief says up to 5 terror plots foiled this year amid increasing threat

Monday - 11/24/2014, 06:12pm EST

Mali: New Ebola case confirmed, 2 more suspected

Mali: New Ebola case confirmed, 2 more suspected as UN voices worry over spread of disease

Monday - 11/24/2014, 06:10pm EST

Plague outbreak kills 40 people in Madagascar

Plague outbreak kills 40 people in Madagascar, with 119 cases of infection confirmed.

Monday - 11/24/2014, 06:10pm EST

Monumental mess: Rome's mayor getting thumbs down

Mayor gets thumbs-down from Romans sick of traffic chaos; unpaid tickets haven't helped

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:36pm EST

Liberia free of Ebola by Christmas, says president

Liberian president says country must double efforts to have no new Ebola cases by Christmas

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:02pm EST

Pope meets with autistic children

Pope embraces children with autism as he seeks end to their isolation and stigma

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:02pm EST

Fire damages 750-year-old oak tree in Poland

Fire damages 750-year-old oak tree, believed to be the oldest in Poland; police suspect arson

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:04pm EST

Nigeria's opposition condemns raid on their office

Nigeria's opposition condemns state security raid on their data office in Lagos

Monday - 11/24/2014, 03:38pm EST

UK police spied on reporters for years, docs show

Lawsuit, documents reveal years of police surveillance on British journalists

Monday - 11/24/2014, 03:08pm EST

Israel leader vows to pass nationality law

Israeli leader vows to pass contentious nationality law, but parliamentary vote in doubt

Monday - 11/24/2014, 02:56pm EST
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