9:50 pm, November 26, 2014

World News

Spanish judge rules no crime in killing Ebola dog

Spanish judge rules no crime in euthanizing dog because of Ebola transmission fears

Updated 10 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Sierra Leone official: Ebola may have reached peak

Ebola in Sierra Leone may have reached peak, says minister, as another doctor infected

Updated 1 hours, 07 minutes ago

Guinea, hit by Ebola, reports only 1 cholera case

Guinea reports 1 cholera case, down from thousands, in success overshadowed by Ebola crisis

Updated 1 hours, 08 minutes ago

Spy balloons give police new view of Jerusalem

To help quell riots, Israeli police deploy sophisticated spy balloons over Jerusalem

Updated 1 hours, 14 minutes ago

Brazen, beloved Lebanese singer Sabah dies at 87

Lebanese singer Sabah, a beloved and brazen star of the Arab world for decades, dies at 87

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 07:44pm EST

Passengers in Russia's Arctic give airliner a push

Your plane gets stuck? Russians from the Arctic are willing to give it a push

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 07:40pm EST

Israeli leader seeks to revoke rights of inciters

Israeli leader vows to revoke residency rights of Arabs involved in violence

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 07:30pm EST

Hong Kong police arrest key protesters, clear site

Hong Kong police arrest student leaders, clear 1 of 3 pro-democracy protest sites

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:24pm EST

Killings surge in Mexico state at tip of Baja

Killings surge in Mexico state at tip of Baja Peninsula as gang factions fight over drug trade

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:24pm EST

Freighter with 700 migrants being towed to Crete

Greek authorities rush to find shelter, food for 700 migrants on crippled ship bound for Crete

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:24pm EST

Once maligned, Iran's Jews find greater acceptance

In Iran, Mideast's largest Jewish population outside Israel finds new acceptance by officials

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:24pm EST

Russian suspected of spying resists leaving Poland

Russian journalist fights Polish attempt to expel him on apparent suspicions of spying

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:18pm EST

UK brothers jailed for attending Syria terror camp

British brothers jailed for attending terrorist training camp in Syria

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:18pm EST

Crew docks at International Space Station

Russian, Italian, US astronauts dock at International Space Station after 6-hour trip

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 05:34pm EST

In Britain, US turkey dinner is big for business

Return of the Pilgrims: British businesses make sure Americans gobble it up in style

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 04:38pm EST

Impoverished Lebanese city is target for IS group

Lebanese fear violence-ridden city of Tripoli is ripe for Islamic State group recruitment

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 04:22pm EST

Rare Shakespeare Folio discovered in French town

Rare Shakespeare Folio from 1623 discovered in small French town

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 03:40pm EST

Nigeria: Boko Haram kills 20 villagers near Chibok

Nigeria: Boko Haram kills 20 villagers in 2 Chibok communities

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 02:38pm EST

Syrian FM: Russia to boost relations with Assad

Syria's foreign minister meets Putin, says Russia wants to boost relations with Assad

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 01:59pm EST

Central African rebels release several hostages

Central African rebels release several hostages, including Polish priest

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 01:50pm EST
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