2:09 am, September 20, 2014

World News

Turkey: 49 hostages have been freed

Turkish prime minister says 49 hostages held by Islamic militants have been freed

Updated 10 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Brown credited with turning Scot independence tide

Dour ex-leader Gordon Brown returns to stage with a bang, rouses Scots against independence

Updated 11 minutes, 20 seconds ago

France joins US against Islamic State over Iraq

France becomes 1st country to join US airstrikes on Islamic State group in Iraq

Updated 11 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Investors breathe sigh of relief at Scottish vote

As Scotland rejects independence, businesses and investors breathe sigh of relief

Updated 17 minutes, 03 seconds ago

After vote to stay in UK, Scots must heal divide

A new dawn for some, a hangover for others in wake of Scotland's vote to stay in UK

Updated 17 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Alibaba mega IPO caps founder Jack Ma success tale

Alibaba's mega IPO caps unlikely success story for charismatic Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma

Updated 17 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Buffer zone agreed on in Ukrainian peace talks

Ukrainian talks produce agreement on buffer zone, pullout of foreign fighters, heavy weapons

Updated 43 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Sierra Leone begins 3-day Ebola lockdown

Sierra Leone begins 3-day Ebola lockdown, ordering 6 million people to stay home

Updated 43 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Fierce fighting in Yemeni capital kills 120

Shiite rebels, Sunni militias battle in Yemeni capital, at least 120 killed in new turmoil

Updated 43 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Kenya: 1 year after attack, guards still unarmed

1 year after Kenya mall attack, unarmed guards still relied upon to stop attacks

Updated 43 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Cambodian police bust Thais with $7M in fake bills

Cambodia police arrest 3 Thais accused of carrying $7 million in fake US currency

Updated 1 hours, 09 minutes ago

Congress backs Obama on aid to Syrian rebels

Congress OKs aid to Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State militants, sends measure to Obama

Updated 1 hours, 43 minutes ago

Mexico agency hears witness of army-gang faceoff

Mexico rights body interviews witness who says troops killed 21 gang suspects after surrender

Updated 1 hours, 44 minutes ago

Scientists' colossal squid exam a kraken good show

Kraken good show: New Zealand researchers' exam of rarely seen colossal squid draws 142K views

Friday - 09/19/2014, 06:14pm EDT

Britain plans political upheaval after Scot vote

Close Scottish vote to reject independence means major changes for UK, particularly England

Friday - 09/19/2014, 05:54pm EDT

Lawyer: EU court agrees to hear Berlusconi appeal

Lawyer: EU human rights court agrees to hear one part of Berlusconi's tax fraud appeal

Friday - 09/19/2014, 05:30pm EDT

2 Iranians arrested in Kenya with forged passports

Police: 2 Iranians arrested in Kenya carrying forged Israeli passports

Friday - 09/19/2014, 05:20pm EDT

Syrian Kurds fleeing IS group cross into Turkey

Syrian Kurds fleeing Islamic State militants cross to safety in Turkey

Friday - 09/19/2014, 05:20pm EDT

Germany, France to provide airlifts in Ebola fight

Germany, France to provide airlifts to West Africa to aid in Ebola fight

Friday - 09/19/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Iranian youth behind 'Happy' video sentenced

Lawyer: Iranian youth behind 'Happy' video sentenced to suspended jail terms, lashes

Friday - 09/19/2014, 04:34pm EDT
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