12:04 am, March 27, 2015

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No murder charge for woman accused of cutting baby from womb

Prosecutors: No murder charge for Colorado woman accused of cutting baby from woman's womb

Updated 00 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Filing: Teen says mom killed her siblings found in freezer

Filing: Detroit girl says mother killed her siblings, made her put sister's body in freezer

Updated 33 minutes, 47 seconds ago

US: Chicago-area cousins planned US terrorist attack

US: Chicago-area National Guard soldier and cousin planned to bring 'flames of war' to US

Updated 33 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Woman accused of kidnap plot claimed to be business coach

Woman accused of infant kidnapping plot was self-styled business coach with book, podcasts

Updated 33 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Co-pilot suspected of air crash in Alps trained in Arizona

Co-pilot suspected of crashing plane into Alps went through training at Phoenix area airport

Updated 33 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Lawyer says kidnapping wasn't a hoax, boyfriend was drugged

Boyfriend's lawyer says California kidnapping wasn't a hoax, his client was bound, drugged

Updated 34 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Jury shown graphic autopsy photos of Boston bombing victim

Jury shown graphic autopsy photos of woman killed in Boston Marathon bombing; 1 juror cried

Updated 34 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Mentally stable at 38,000 feet: Can you trust your pilot?

Can you trust your pilot? Crash of German airliner is certain to make passengers uneasy

Updated 50 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Grateful Oklahomans salvage belongings after killer storm

Oklahomans grateful for low casualties in twister, understand worst storms could come

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 08:18pm EDT

A look at some key statistics on rare diseases in the US

A look at some key statistics on rare diseases in the US

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:38pm EDT

Mexico double-transplant patient eyes US humanitarian entry

Mexico man twice denied US visa for double-organ transplant seeks humanitarian entry

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:35pm EDT

Indiana religious objections bill signed as dispute swirls

Indiana's governor signs religious objections bill into law as discrimination claims swirl

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:32pm EDT

NASA details plans to pluck rock off asteroid, explore it

NASA: 2020 launch of big mission where robot grabs rock off asteroid for astronauts to explore

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:54pm EDT

American, Russian leaving Earth for year at space station

2 men leaving Earth this week for year in space: American and Russian flying for science

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:54pm EDT

MIT expert: US rules make chances of cockpit takeover slim

MIT expert: US regulations make it unlikely jetliner pilots can barricade themselves

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:50pm EDT

Science, patients driving rare disease drug research surge

Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs _ and hope

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:42pm EDT

Paid to sleep: NY cracks down on napping health workers

New York cracking down on health care workers who deliberately sleep while on the job

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:40pm EDT

Fugitive's dad tells why he thinks son fled in Facebook case

Fugitive's father tells NY judge his son thought he couldn't get fair trial in Facebook case

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 10:40am EDT

Boston hospital treating survivors of Honduran market blast

Boston burn care hospital treating young survivors of market explosion in Honduras last month

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 10:12am EDT
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