9:57 am, January 26, 2015

U.S. News

Technology improves avalanche gear for backcountry skiers

Technology improves avalanche safety gear for growing number of backcountry skiers

Updated 01 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Nor'easter threatens Northeast with up to 2 feet of snow

Nor'easter threatens 250-mile stretch of Northeast with snow, powerful winds, coastal flooding

Updated 03 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Panic attack, bad back: Theater shooting brings jury excuses

Panic attacks, bad backs: Theater shooting brings out jury excuses, shows hardships of service

Updated 04 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Seekers of the Hollywood Sign disrupt nearby neighborhood

Half the fun of seeing the Hollywood Sign is getting to the landmark _ unless you live nearby

Updated 04 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Breached pipeline that spilled oil lies exposed on riverbed

Sonar indicates pipeline that spilled oil into Yellowstone River is exposed on riverbed

Updated 47 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Avian flu confirmed in commercial turkey flock in California

Avian flu confirmed in commercial turkey flock in California; no risk to humans

Updated 47 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Opening statements next in murder trial of ex-Pat Hernandez

Opening statements expected soon in murder trial of ex-New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez

Updated 1 hours, 09 minutes ago

Airlines prepare to shut down in Northeast for snowstorm

Airlines prepare to shut down in Northeast for snowstorm, allowing passengers to reschedule

Monday - 01/26/2015, 03:50am EST

Blizzard expected for 250-mile stretch of Northeast

Blizzard warnings issued in Northeast as forecasters predict 2 to 3 feet in some areas

Monday - 01/26/2015, 03:00am EST

Federal judge stays Alabama gay marriage ruling for 2 weeks

Federal judge stays Ala. gay marriage ruling 2 weeks, refuses to put it on indefinite hold

Monday - 01/26/2015, 02:32am EST

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto: Smile for the camera!

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto, starts snapping pictures Sunday: Smile for the camera!

Monday - 01/26/2015, 01:32am EST

Measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Disney-linked measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Monday - 01/26/2015, 01:32am EST

2 planes evacuated in Seattle, 3rd flight diverted to Dallas

Threats prompt 2 plane evacuations at Seattle-Tacoma airport; third flight diverted to Dallas

Monday - 01/26/2015, 01:00am EST

2 Marines identified in deadly California helicopter crash

Marine pilots from Pennsylvania, Kentucky named as victims in deadly California chopper crash

Monday - 01/26/2015, 12:26am EST

Balloon crew launches in bid to break 2 major records

Balloon crew launches from Japan in bid to reach North America, hoping to break 2 key records

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 10:40pm EST

Santa Ana winds knock out power to thousands in California

Santa Ana winds down trees, knock out power in California; crews work to restore electricity

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 09:40pm EST

TV talk show pioneer Franklin, who gave Pacino chance, dies

TV talk show pioneer Joe Franklin, who gave breaks to Al Pacino and Bill Cosby, dies at 88

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 08:16pm EST

Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas also disturbing

Beautiful, eerie fluorescent glow of Hong Kong seas indicates harmful algal bloom at work

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 07:16pm EST

GOP presses state bills limiting gay rights before ruling

GOP pursues state legislation limiting gay rights before Supreme Court rules on gay marriage

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 03:18pm EST

Alabama seeks to stay order overturning gay marriage ban

Advocates cheer ruling overturning Alabama gay marriage ban, state seeks to put order on hold

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 02:32pm EST
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