1:07 pm, August 1, 2014

Government News

Special session ordered for new Florida voting map

Florida judge orders Legislature to hold special session to adopt new congressional districts

Updated 57 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Kerry condemns 'outrageous' Gaza truce violations

Kerry : US condemns 'outrageous' violations of Gaza ceasefire by Palestinian militants

Updated 54 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Probe of ex-Florida congressman hinges on friend

Close friend is key to lengthy investigation of ex-Florida congressman Rivera in campaign case

Updated 58 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Dems' House campaign raises almost $5M this week

House Democrats' campaign committee taps donors online, raises $4.8M this week

Updated 54 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Congress backs Israel's Iron Dome missile defense

With Iron Dome bill, US shows it backs Israel militarily as fighting with Hamas flares up anew

Updated 58 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Holder cautions against use of data in sentencing

Holder warns against judges using data in sentencing, says minorities often unfairly treated

Updated 54 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Rep. Cantor to resign from House seat in August

Rep. Eric Cantor says he'll resign from House seat Aug. 18, months earlier than expected

Updated 58 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Ginsburg: Court right to void clinic buffer zones

AP interview: Ginsburg defends high court's abortion clinic buffer zone ruling

Updated 55 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Ebola outbreak to cast shadow over Obama summit

Ebola outbreak threatens to cast shadow over Obama's Africa summit

Updated 55 minutes, 33 seconds ago

$1,000 Sovaldi now hepatitis treatment of choice

Strong demand for hepatitis C drug despite an outcry over its $1,000-per-pill cost

Updated 55 minutes, 34 seconds ago

House GOP weighs tough new immigration bills

House GOP considers tough new border, immigration bills to win over conservatives

Updated 13 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Poll: Foreign policy no longer Obama strong point

Foreign policy no longer a strong point for Obama as troubles pile up across globe, poll shows

Updated 55 minutes, 28 seconds ago

CIA director reverses himself on Senate spying

Once defiant about alleged spying on Senate staffers, CIA director apologizes to top senators

Updated 55 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Senate confirms US ambassador to Russia

After GOP senator blocks approval of several ambassadors, Senate confirms US envoy to Russia

Updated 55 minutes, 31 seconds ago

USDA overhauls 50 year-old poultry inspections

USDA overhauls 50 year-old poultry inspections to improve food safety, increase efficiency

Updated 15 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Probe exposes flaws behind rollout

Investigation faults Obama administration's oversight of

Updated 15 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Lawmakers employ gimmicks to pay for highway funds

Lawmakers employ gimmicks to replenish highway, transit trust funds

Updated 17 minutes, 27 seconds ago

HP to pay $32.5M to settle Postal Service dispute

Hewlett-Packard to pay $32.5M to settle allegations it overcharged US Postal Service

Updated 37 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Citi says SEC has closed probe of mortgage bonds

Citigroup says SEC has closed its probe of mortgage securities, no new enforcement action

Updated 37 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Driving high questioned on busy day in Congress

'High' drivers: Deadly risk or likely to slow their roll? Congress debates marijuana policy

Updated 49 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Lawmakers complain Obama too aloof with Congress

Lawmakers in both parties gripe about poor, disjointed White House outreach to Congress

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