3:55 pm, October 1, 2014

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Artist creates huge dirt portrait on National Mall

Artist creates 6-acre landscape portrait made of dirt on National Mall to celebrate diversity

Updated 08 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Bieber, Kardashian, Vuitton $100M venue wrap Paris

Paris fashion ends with Louis Vuitton $100M venue, celebrities including Bieber, Kardashian

Updated 08 minutes, 14 seconds ago

LeBron James bringing his story to TV series

LeBron hopes to inspire kids with his story and those of other prominent athletes in TV series

Updated 08 minutes, 27 seconds ago

'Good Lie' actors' past guides their performances

'Good Lie' actors' past guides their performances in Sudanese refugee drama

Updated 08 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Schuller's grandson launches new 'Hour of Power'

Televangelist Schuller's grandson launches reformatted 'Hour of Power' broadcast

Updated 08 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Lena Dunham bares more in new memoir

Review: Lena Dunham's 'Not That Kind of Girl' is full of wit and grit

Updated 08 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Joy Behar to debut a 1-woman show in New York

Joy Behar to debut a 1-woman show in New York called 'Me, My Mouth and I'

Updated 08 minutes, 48 seconds ago

'Interstellar' to be released 2 days early on film

'Interstellar' to open 2 days early in theaters projecting film instead of digital

Updated 08 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Lena Dunham launches tour for book of adult essays

Warn the children: Lena Dunham launches tour for debut book, 'Not That Kind of Girl'

Updated 09 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Family gives Lady Antebellum new outlook

Lady Antebellum amp up the energy on new album, '747,' after finding new perspectives

Updated 09 minutes, 26 seconds ago

John Mellencamp and his impressive co-authors

Making age-appropriate music with former rock star John Mellencamp

Updated 09 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Tim Rice wants 'From Here to Eternity' new life

Tim Rice hopes 'From Here to Eternity' broadcast can generate interest in Broadway production

Updated 09 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Charging documents: Phelps' breath test was .14

Charging documents: Olympic champ Phelps registers .14 on breathalyzer test, legal limit .08

Updated 12 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Jeter launches site to connect athletes to fans

Derek Jeter's after-retirement plan includes media website connecting athletes to fans

Updated 13 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Mexican's 'Harry Potter' hoard is world's biggest

Muggle's delight: Mexican fan's 'Potter' collection recognized by Guinness World Records

Updated 13 minutes, 43 seconds ago

GLAAD study: Gay depictions increase on TV

GLAAD study finds gay depictions increase on network, cable TV; transgender roles lag

Updated 35 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Extra innings boost audience for AL wild-card game

Extra innings boost viewership for American League wild-card game

Updated 55 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Steinem: Domestic violence discussion a positive

Gloria Steinem: National discussion of domestic violence a positive result of NFL scandal

Updated 1 hours, 43 minutes ago

New Mexico hopes 'singing road' curbs speeding

New Mexico officials hope 'singing road' experiment created for TV show helps curb speeding

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Andre 3000: 'Will I be the 'Hey Ya!' guy forever?'

Rapper Andre 3000: 'Will I be the 'Hey Ya!' guy forever?'

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 01:02pm EDT
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