3:21 pm, July 11, 2014

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Ex-chief of huge pension fund guilty of bribery

Former head of nation's largest public pension fund pleads guilty to bribery, fraud

Updated 58 minutes, 16 seconds ago

House chairman: $3.7 billion request 'too much'

House spending chairman says Obama $3.7 billion emergency border request 'too much money'

Updated 58 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Spanish citizenship offer appeals to US Jews

5 centuries after expulsion, Sephardic Jews in US attracted by Spanish citizenship offer

Updated 58 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Popping stalled truck's hood yields scaly surprise

New Mexico driver finds slithering surprise after man pops hood of her stalled pickup truck

Updated 58 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Texas shooting suspect collapses twice in court

Suspect in fatal shooting of Houston-area family collapses twice in court

Updated 58 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Polar vortex? Nope, just cooler Midwestern temps

Meteorologists to the Midwest: Relax, next week's cool temperatures not caused by polar vortex

Updated 59 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Correction: North Dakota Saltwater Spill story

Correction: North Dakota Saltwater Spill story

Updated 59 minutes, 11 seconds ago

3rd Colorado county giving licenses to gay couples

3rd Colorado county issuing marriage licenses to gay couples; legal fight still unresolved

Updated 01 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Inventor pushes solar panels for roads, highways

Idaho inventor pushes solar panels not for roofs, but for driveways, sidewalks, highways

Updated 38 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Researchers try to save huge US salamander

Huge US salamander is disappearing from Eastern rivers, worrying scientists

Updated 39 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Fall elections loom over governors' meeting

Governors of both parties meet ahead of fall elections and as partisan divisions intensify

Updated 42 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Alarms, firework report investigated in fatal fire

Alarm system that didn't sound, reports of fireworks investigated in fire that killed 7

Updated 1 hours, 27 minutes ago

California man sentenced to 15 years for espionage

California man gets 15-year prison sentence for economic-espionage conviction involving China

Friday - 07/11/2014, 12:14pm EDT

Heart pounds, eyes close on the tallest waterslide

Heart pounds, eyes close as 50-year-old ex-smoker tests tallest waterslide at up to 70 mph

Friday - 07/11/2014, 11:10am EDT

Officials: No evidence brine in bay after ND spill

Dead vegetation reported but officials say no evidence of contamination in bay after ND spill

Friday - 07/11/2014, 10:04am EDT

Recipe for higher sales: Add fiber, cinnamon

A cookie with fiber, a cereal with more cinnamon; General Mills unveils plans to boost sales

Friday - 07/11/2014, 10:00am EDT

Disabled people denied voting rights, group says

Thousands with disabilities denied right to vote in California, group says

Friday - 07/11/2014, 07:58am EDT

Prostitute in Google exec case linked to 2nd death

Police in Georgia looking at heroin death of boyfriend of woman charged in Google exec's death

Friday - 07/11/2014, 04:42am EDT

With sale deadline looming, Clippers trial delayed

Clippers trial delayed until after deadline for $2 billion sale; but extension possible

Friday - 07/11/2014, 03:54am EDT

Cleanup area extends nearly 2 miles after ND spill

Cleanup area nearly 2 miles down ravine after ND saltwater spill; separated pipe suspected

Friday - 07/11/2014, 03:09am EDT

Marine accused of desertion returned to US unit

Spokesman: Marine accused of desertion for disappearing in Iraq brought to North Carolina

Monday - 06/30/2014, 02:03pm EDT
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