10:02 am, October 23, 2014

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Alabama judge tosses 2nd lawsuit over circumcision

Alabama judge dismisses another lawsuit from man who says he had botched circumcision

Updated 54 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Patients avoiding Dallas hospital where Ebola hit

Patients avoiding Dallas hospital where Ebola hit; officials say 25 percent decline in revenue

Updated 54 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Woman who beat Ebola mourns for her slain dog

Dog 'wasn't to blame for anything:' Spanish woman who beat Ebola mourns for her slain pet

Updated 54 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Hospital of Ebola patient posts poor ER benchmarks

Records of doctors, nurses who treated Texas Ebola case show no past discipline, elite degrees

Updated 54 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Dallas hospital caught in spotlight in Ebola case

What to know about the Dallas hospital caught in spotlight over 1st U.S.-diagnosed Ebola case

Updated 54 minutes, 38 seconds ago

EU leaders seek more Ebola funding at summit

European Union leaders seek to produce more aid in fight against

Updated 56 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Threat to break isolation in Liberia over food

Dozens quarantined for Ebola in Liberia threaten to break out of isolation for lack of food

Updated 56 minutes, 31 seconds ago's EZ form not for legal immigrants

Many Hispanics, Asians won't be able to use new EZ application for Obama health law coverage

Updated 56 minutes, 33 seconds ago

US to track everyone coming from Ebola nations

CDC: New plan will monitor all Americans, visitors coming into US from 3 Ebola nations

Updated 56 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Red Cross official: 6 months to contain Ebola

Red Cross official says he's confident Ebola outbreak can be contained within 4-6 months

Updated 02 minutes, 39 seconds ago

PTSD argued in case of Marine jailed in Mexico

Mexico considers legal argument of PTSD; psychological wound increasingly used in US courts

Updated 08 minutes, 35 seconds ago

California malpractice cap generates big spending

Ballot initiative seeking to raise California's medical malpractice cap generates big spending

Updated 08 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Key features of rigorous new US Ebola monitoring

Mandatory 21-day monitoring for all travelers from W. Africa to include kits with thermometers

Updated 10 minutes, 37 seconds ago

WHO: Ebola responsible for 4,877 deaths

World Health Organization: Ebola is now believed to have killed 4,877 people

Updated 32 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Rwanda cancels Ebola screenings for US, Spain

Rwanda cancels Ebola screenings for US, Spanish travelers; official 'acts first, thinks later'

Updated 52 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Guitarist Wilko Johnson says he is cancer-free

Guitarist Wilko Johnson says he's cancer-free, 2 years after being told he had months to live

Updated 1 hours, 12 minutes ago

North Korea steps up Ebola measures

As North Korea steps up measures to prevent spread of Ebola, tour group warns of travel ban

Updated 1 hours, 42 minutes ago

Schumacher's doctor sees progress after injury

Schumacher's doctor predicts progress after injury, says F1 champion benefits from being home

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 05:50am EDT

Camel maker Reynolds snuffs out workplace smoking

Camel maker Reynolds American snuffing out smoking in workplaces, will allow e-cigarettes

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 05:20am EDT
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