1:12 pm, April 26, 2015

Government News

Supporters of Senate Iran bill swatting away amendments

Backers of Senate bill to give Congress a say on Iran nuclear deal swatting away amendments

Updated 01 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Internet billionaires face off in renewed Texas space race

Space wranglers: Internet billionaires take different approaches to exploring new horizons

Updated 01 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Correspondents' dinner mixes big names in media, politics

Big names in journalism, entertainment, public affairs mingle at annual correspondents' dinner

Updated 02 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Obama turns 2016 hopefuls into comic fodder for media dinner

At correspondents' dinner, Obama playfully pokes at 2016 contenders as well as media elite

Updated 02 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Sens. Warren, Brown counter Obama on trade

Sens. Warren, Brown counter Obama on trade, call on him to make Asia trade text public

Updated 02 minutes, 05 seconds ago

US unveils 6-year-old report on NSA surveillance

Obama administration releases '09 report on warrantless surveillance ahead of law's expiration

Updated 02 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Q&A: What's at stake in Supreme Court gay marriage arguments

The arguments, potential outcomes and stakes as the Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage

Updated 05 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Each death in Baltimore makes mistrust harder to overcome

Baltimore's top cop frustrated by police killings, tells AP people 'don't believe what I say'

Updated 10 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Same-sex marriage pioneer among lawyers for high court cases

Pioneering same-sex marriage lawyer among Supreme Court veterans, rookies for Tuesday's cases

Updated 10 minutes, 10 seconds ago

VA pledges broad review of claims processing

VA pledges top-down review of claims processing amid mismanagement in Philadelphia

Updated 42 minutes, 10 seconds ago

As contributions fall, House GOP rebels blame party leaders

Some House GOP rebels who opposed Boehner blame party leaders as PAC contributions fall

Updated 1 hours, 04 minutes ago

Q&A: What's listeria and how is it traced to ice cream?

Q&A: Listeria in ice cream and how it's tracked from creamery to stores to consumers

Updated 1 hours, 44 minutes ago

CDC using new technology to track listeria Illnesses

Health officials use new technology to track listeria illnesses linked to Blue Bell ice cream

Updated 1 hours, 44 minutes ago

US announces plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions

US ag secretary announces voluntary efforts to reduce emissions from farms, ranches, forests

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 09:52am EDT

NASA releases picture of starry fireworks for Hubble's 25th

NASA releases picture of starry fireworks to mark Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 09:52am EDT

Gay marriage a difficult issue for GOP White House hopefuls

For some GOP presidential hopefuls, same-sex marriage becomes a tricky issue

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 07:50am EDT

Same-sex marriage opponents urge Supreme Court to go slow

Same-sex marriage opponents at Supreme Court assert concern for children, states' rights

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 07:50am EDT

Stories of love, life, death in high court gay marriage case

Stories of life _ love, children, death _ woven through Supreme Court same-sex marriage cases

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 07:50am EDT

Gay mentor, belief in dignity at roots of Kennedy's views

Gay mentor, belief in dignity at roots of Justice Kennedy's views on gay rights

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 07:50am EDT
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