10:25 am, September 16, 2014

Government News

US silent on Venezuela's Security Council bid

US doesn't disclose position on Venezuela's bid to join United Nations Security Council

Updated 09 minutes, 32 seconds ago

House panel: Safety agency mishandled GM recall

House committee says safety agency should have found faulty GM ignition switches in 2007

Updated 09 minutes, 37 seconds ago

A look at US response to Ebola crisis

A look at White House efforts to ramp up US response to West Africa's Ebola crisis

Updated 09 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Senate Dems spent $14M in August to keep majority

Senate Democrats' campaign arm spent $14M in August to defend narrow majority

Updated 09 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Concerns raised over 'Obamacare' abortion coverage

Report raises questions about insurers' compliance with abortion compromise in health care law

Updated 09 minutes, 43 seconds ago

First U.S. airstrike in expanded Iraq fight

US airstrike in Iraq is first step in wider campaign against Islamic State group

Updated 09 minutes, 44 seconds ago

NASA inspector blasts asteroid protection program

NASA inspector blasts space agency's asteroid protection program, needs to be better managed

Updated 09 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Hagel, Dempsey defend Obama military strategy

In high-stakes hearing, Hagel, Dempsey defend Obama strategy to defeat Islamic extremists

Updated 11 minutes, 01 seconds ago

US to assign 3,000 from US military to fight Ebola

Obama administration to assign 3,000 US military personnel to combat Ebola in West Africa

Updated 11 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Some consumers risk losing health law tax credits

Some consumers could see health law tax credits slashed Sept. 30 unless they answer questions

Updated 13 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Kansas election law looms large in US Senate race

Outcome of dispute over Kansas election law has big implications as GOP fights for the Senate

Updated 15 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Video of lawmaker tirade resurfaces in House race

Video of Illinois lawmaker's tirade resurfaces in one of nation's most competitive House races

Updated 15 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Alibaba investors beware: History not on your side

Even as China's economy rises, its stocks' returns are hobbled by fraud and dodgy accounting

Updated 15 minutes, 38 seconds ago

As core al-Qaida weakened, its successors spread

As core al-Qaida weakened, its successors spread through Middle East, North Africa

Updated 15 minutes, 39 seconds ago

AP sources: US would retaliate against Assad

AP sources: US would hit back if Assad's air defenses went after American planes

Updated 15 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Speculation swirls over Fed language on rate hike

As Fed meets, speculation swirls over possible change in Fed language on timing of rate hike

Updated 15 minutes, 44 seconds ago

World stocks sag ahead of Fed meeting

World stock markets sag ahead of potentially pivotal Federal Reserve meeting, Scotland vote

Updated 43 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Mass. school at center of treatment controversy

Facts and figures about only US facility known to use skin shock therapy for patients

Updated 47 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Skin shocks used at Mass. school draw FDA look

Skin shocks at Massachusetts school for violent students: Treatment or torture?

Updated 47 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Decades later, Vietnam soldiers get Medal of Honor

A half-century later, 2 Vietnam War soldiers receive Medal of Honor in White House ceremony

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 08:12am EDT

House condemns Obama for prisoner swap

House passes resolution condemning Obama for failing to notify Congress of prisoner swap

Tuesday - 09/09/2014, 06:28pm EDT
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