8:33 am, April 23, 2014

Government News

Obama opens Japan trip at famous sushi restaurant

Obama begins Asia-Pacific trip in Japan; dispute with Russia over Ukraine casts shadow

Updated 07 minutes, 01 seconds ago

US clears Egypt for some military assistance

Obama administration says Egypt upholding Israel peace treaty, can get some US military aid

Updated 05 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Boogeymen and shady deals define spin for Senate

Operatives cast contest for Senate majority as boogeyman billionaires against unethical leader

Updated 19 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Report on CIA interrogations shadows Gitmo trials

Senate report on CIA interrogations shadows Gitmo trials, could complicate declassification

Updated 19 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Obama congratulates US winner of Boston Marathon

Obama congratulates first American man in 31 years to win Boston Marathon

Updated 19 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Internet TV case: Justices skeptical, concerned

Broadcast TV on the Internet: Justices show skepticism, concern about possible ruling's effect

Updated 05 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Miami youth group helped 'Cuban Twitter'

Leaders of prominent Cuban-American nonprofit worked for US-backed 'Cuban Twitter'

Updated 19 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Michigan affirmative ban is OK, Supreme Court says

Blow to affirmative action: Supreme Court OK's voter-approved ban for Michigan universities

Updated 19 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Navy OKs changes for submariners' sleep schedules

On subs, Navy finds sailors' sleep benefits from schedule closer to life above sea's surface

Updated 43 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Aereo CEO speaks on company, Supreme Court case

Aereo CEO speaks on future of company, challenge by broadcasters in Supreme Court

Updated 1 hours, 23 minutes ago

IRS awards bonuses to 1,100 who owe back taxes

Investigator: IRS awarded $1 million in employee bonuses to 1,100 workers who owed back taxes

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 05:40am EDT

At mudslide scene, Obama mourns with survivors

Obama views landscape of sadness, pledges solidarity with families of those lost in mudslide

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 05:28am EDT

Ukraine orders new military operation in the east

Ukraine's leader orders new 'anti-terror' operation; military plane reported hit by gunfire

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 04:58am EDT

Correction: Biofuels-Global Warming story

Correction: Biofuels-Global Warming story

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 04:00am EDT

NASA: Engineer vital to moon landing success dies

John Houbolt, NASA engineer vital to 1969 moon landing success, dies at age 95

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 04:00am EDT

Republicans in NC's Senate race trade few hits

GOP hopefuls in NC's Senate race offer little direct criticism of front-runner in debate

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:58pm EDT

Ex-CEO wins Republican primary for Radel's seat

Former CEO wins GOP primary for seat vacated by cocaine-using Florida congressman

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:40pm EDT

Court: Ohio man must pay $489,000 for false call

Court orders Ohio man to pay $489,000 for false distress call that triggered a massive search

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:10pm EDT

Obama, first lady mourn Knuckles

Obama, Michelle Obama mourn passing of Knuckles, known as 'Godfather of House Music'

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:00pm EDT

Backers, opponents of Michigan ban react to ruling

Foes of Michigan affirmative action ban call court decision 'shocking;' backers say 'victory'

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 08:50pm EDT
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