Navigating the Private Cloud

Friday - 3/23/2012, 3:49pm EDT

Part 1: What is the difference between public and private clouds?

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Part 2: How/why are private clouds more than just virtualization?

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Part 3: What are the challenges and successes being seen/expected moving forward

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Tuesday, March 27th
Federal agencies are working hard to comply with the Cloud First mandate evaluating projects that are ready to move to public and private clouds. The concept of a Private Cloud is a computing model that uses resources which are dedicated to your agency.

While virtualization is an important technological component of private cloud, the key differentiator is the continued abstraction of computing resources from infrastructure and the machines (virtual or otherwise) used to deliver those resources. Only by delivering this abstraction can customers achieve the benefits of private cloud - including improved agility and responsiveness, reduced TCO, and increased business alignment and focus. Most importantly, a private cloud promises to exceed the cost effectiveness of a virtualized infrastructure through higher workload density and greater resource utilization.

Join us for a discussion on the benefits of Private cloud and next steps that should be considered.

Moderator: Francis Rose - Host of In-Depth

Panel Guests: