Companies create road race to raise cyber awareness

Friday - 8/20/2010, 4:06pm EDT

Travis Gainchetta, partner, Beekeeper Group

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  • If you wanted to create more "buzz" about cybersecurity, how would you go about it? Two companies worked together and came up with a creative idea. They figured if road races, like a 5K or a 10K run, could be used to raise awareness about things like heart disease and cancer, why not cybersecurity? Travis Gainchetta is a partner with the Beekeeper Group. They created Trot Against Bots, which was chosen by the Department of Homeland Security as Best Creative Approach for raising cybersecurity awareness during the 2010 Cybersecurity Challenge.

  • If you have an Android, look out. You might have mistakenly downloaded a Trojan, which will cause your bill to skyrocket. CNet reports it's believed to be the first Trojan malware that targets the Droid. So far, it appears to be affecting users in Russia, but it's something to watch for. Like all apps, the program asks for permission to do certain things upon install. In this case it asks for permission to send SMS messages, with a prompt that identifies it as a "service that costs you money." Once installed, the Trojan can start sending SMS messages, costing several dollars per message, and the device owner often isn't aware of it. Google says -- only install apps you trust.

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