San Diego community plan makes Web more secure

Tuesday - 8/17/2010, 2:24pm EDT

Liz Fraumann, director of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education, Securing Our eCity San Diego

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  • When it comes to making everyone more secure on the Web, information sharing is really important. A community plan from San Diego won a top spot in the Department of Homeland Security's 2010 Cyber Challenge, because of the way it got different groups to start working together. Securing Our eCity San Diego was developed by ESET in San Diego. Liz Fraumann, their director of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education, explains the plan and says it's all about collaboration.

  • Is the government on the brink of a cyberwar with WikiLeaks? The website is still moving ahead with plans to publish the remaining 15,000 records from the Afghan war logs despite demands from the Pentagon to return the documents. Wired reports that this refusal by WikiLeaks is causing many in Washington to ask if the government should declare a cyberwar against the website. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he could make the files public at any time. But the Pentagon isn't backing down either. A spokesperson hinted the Pentagon actually has some recourse against the site, saying "If doing the right thing isn't good enough for them, we will figure out what alternatives we have to compel them to do the right thing."

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