Hacking the hackers could solve cybersecurity woes

Monday - 6/21/2010, 4:17pm EDT

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  • Cybersecurity experts may have found a way to get a leg up on hackers -- by turning the tools cyber criminals use against them. Researchers found many of the kits used by hackers are riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. Exploiting those bugs might mean the attack tools can be used against them. The bugs could also be used to identify who is using the tools and even launch a counter-attack. So, cybersecurity experts would be hacking the hackers. But there could be a legal problem with that. The BBC reports that using these vulnerabilities or loopholes might "lead to legal issues" because many hackers use the same malware.

  • With so many devices out there, your iPad, your iPhone and your lap top, keeping all the encryption safe is difficult. Gregory McNalty is the Vice President of Federal System and Business Development for Mocana Corp. and tells us what needs to be done to keep mobile devices safe. (Read the full story.)

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