Is cyber war a reality . . . or impossible?

Friday - 4/16/2010, 2:27pm EDT

WFED's Jason Miller

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Phillip Kenney, Ponemon Institute

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  • Howard Schmidt is the White House cyber coordinator and recently questioned whether a cyber war could, or would, ever exist. This is a different view than what Army Lieutenant General Keith Alexander expressed to the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday. Alexander is the director of the National Security Agency and the nominee to lead the Defense Department's Cyber command. He says a cyber war is possible as a part of a larger military action. Federal News Radio's Jason Miller reports.

  • And, what do you think of your agency's security? It might depend on whether you're in IT, or in management. The Ponemon Institute surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals throughout the federal government. They found that the rank and file seems more concerned about cybersecurity than upper-level managers. The biggest gaps were found in organizations that require high levels of cybersecurity -- like Homeland Security and Defense. Phillip Kenney is the Director of Information Assurance, Identity and Access Management Solutions for the Ponemon Institute. He says the study also found gaps in cybersecurity training.