More federal cybersecurity fighters needed

Wednesday - 4/7/2010, 4:20pm EDT

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  • Domain Name System Security is considered among the most important initiatives on the Internet. The original DNS was not designed with security in mind. Now, web operators are having to "retrofit" security. Joe Waldron is Director of Product Management in the Naming Services Division of VeriSign. He tells Federal News Radio's Tom Temin that without security, a site is in danger of being spoofed. (Hear the whole interview on tomorrow's Federal Security Spotlight, starting at 10 a.m.)

  • Uncle Sam wants you to fight hackers. Feds are stepping up recruitment of engineers who can help wage cyberwar. Business Week reports demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing quickly. Government and industry executives say they need more cybersecurity employees but are struggling to find qualified applicants. The government's scholarship program can fill about 120 entry-level cybersecurity jobs, but the feds need about a thousand recent grads to fill those spots.