Helping veterans transition to the civilian workforce

Tuesday - 5/17/2011, 7:29pm EDT

Paul Galanti, commissioner, Virginia Department of Veterans Services and John Cissel with the Coalition for Government Procurement

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May 17, 2011 -- Paul Galanti, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services, joins host Roger Waldron to discuss the challenges facing our veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce.

Galanti is himself a veteran, having served in the Vietnam War where he was shot down and captured by North Vienamese troops. He spent close to seven years as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton, and on today's show, he shares some of his experiences during that time.

Also on the show, John Cissel with the Coalition For Government Procurement, provides a progress report on the Coalition's August 31st Charity Golf Event, which supports our wounded veterans' transition to the civilian workforce.