Lisa Wolfe

Program Director

The radio jobs that make up my career are not unlike the collection of items at a yard sale. Some have been really fun but tacky, some have been functional but ugly, some have been overlooked by the masses and hold special appeal only to me.

Reporting beach traffic under the name Stacy Sunshine; fun but tacky. News manager/morning anchor/talk show host for a small New England full service radio station; functional but ugly. Program Director for Federal News Radio 1500 AM; dearest to my heart.

Although I did some fill-in on an Oldies station, hosting a show called "Back Seat Memories" where I would play, as the breathy Christine Matthews, love songs from the 50's and 60's, my tendency has been to work in the information business. Traffic reporter for TrafficNet, director of operations for Metro Networks, assistant news director/assistant program director/program director for WTOP. Since 2006, I have dedicated my career to shining up the treasure of a job that is managing Federal News Radio.

This station has a bunch of firsts under its belt. It was the first internet-only radio station, and the first internet-only station to migrate to over-the-air broadcasting. It's the first and only radio station to program a 50,000 watt radio signal for a select tiny target audience - 100,000 of the top federal executives and government contractors in America.

Federal News Radio has been awarded several Chesapeake and Virginia Associated Press awards and continues to cover the most important issues facing America from the perspective of the civil servant and federal manager.