Obama's domestic agenda on the line this week

Tuesday - 4/9/2013, 12:50pm EDT

AP White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's second-term agenda will be robustly tested this week, with gun control and immigration in the spotlight on Capitol Hill and the White House releasing his long-delayed budget blueprint. In a taste of what lies ahead, Democratic gun legislation arrived on the Senate floor Monday -- facing an aggressive Republican effort to block it.

In an era of deep partisanship and divided government, Obama knows he won't get everything he wants on the three big issues as he seeks to capitalize on the national support that brought him re-election. But the scope of his victories or defeats on these issues will in part define his legacy and determine how much political capital he retains for his final four years in office.

"This is his best chance to set up the next 3
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