Quotations of the day

Monday - 2/4/2013, 2:38am EST

By The Associated Press

(AP) - "How could it be any other way? It's never pretty. It's never perfect. But it's us. It was us today." _ Ravens coach John Harbaugh after winning the sibling showdown with younger brother Jim as Baltimore held off the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 to win the Super Bowl.


"So we had to spend 30 minutes in the dark? That was just more time for fans to refill their drinks." _ Amanda Black of Columbus, Miss., on the power outage at the Superdome that suspended play early in the second half of the Super Bowl.


"It's really a mess up there with body parts." _ Michelle Profant, a California transportation spokeswoman, after a tour bus collided with a car and pickup truck, killing at least eight people and injuring dozens of others Sunday night.

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