Storage Efficiency

Tuesday - 9/27/2011, 12:30pm EDT

Section 1: Listen to hear the Challenges with Storage in the Federal World

What is causing issues with data: data collection points, type of data collected including biometrics, video, geospatial data etc. Differences/Similarities between Dodd and Civilian Data. Data security and protection.

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Section 2: Listen to how Agencies are solving these challenges.

How to consolidate and build shared infrastructures in a smart way. The importance in building a secure shared infrastructure. Having an integrated approach to data management.

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Section 3: Listen to the Future of Data

More power out at the edge, more distributed, more mobile data collection and use. How to be more and more efficient. The future of storage should be data. When you do not have to think about storage or the cloud anymore because it is all working so well!

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Full Panel

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"Data volumes are exploding. Budgets are shrinking. Join this discussion and learn how federal agencies are storing more, yet spending less on storage. If you need to cut your IT budget, doesn't it make sense to start with one of your biggest line items? Tune in as our panelists present real examples that show how agencies are containing large volumes while capturing savings—with storage that's faster, easier to manage, and more secure. Find out the keys to storage efficiency: buying less hardware, eliminating redundant data, streamlining backup/recovery, avoiding network or bandwidth upgrades, and reducing everyday operating costs."

Moderator: Francis Rose, host of In Depth

Panel Guests: