AG Holder delaying furlough decisions to mid-April

Thursday - 3/28/2013, 5:49pm EDT

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Attorney General Eric Holder says he is postponing until mid-April a decision about whether to furlough any Justice Department employees.

In a memo to all employees, Holder says the department is still working on how best to deal with automatic budget cuts of $1.6 billion that became effective March 1.

Last week, the department moved $150 million from other Justice Department accounts to stave off furloughs of 3,570 federal prison staffers.

The $150 million came from eight Justice Department accounts, including funds from previous budgets, a capital expenditure account and construction funds. The department chose those accounts because they avoided using money that would have involved furloughs in other areas.

Ninety percent of the funds were from one-time sources that will not be available again next year.


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