Bills passed, failed at 2013 General Assembly

Saturday - 2/23/2013, 6:40pm EST

The Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. - The outcome of key legislation at the 2013 General Assembly:


-- Revisions to the two-year, $88 billion budget, which includes creation of a commission to oversee Medicaid reform and possible expansion.

-- A five-year, $3.5 billion transportation funding plan based on a blend of tax increases, fees and general fund revenue diversions.

-- Require voters to produce photo identification at the polls.

-- Allow the state to take over chronically failing public schools.

-- Establish a system for grading public schools on an A-to-F scale.

-- Revamp teacher evaluation and grievance procedures.

-- Require public schools to establish threat assessment teams similar to those used by colleges.

-- Provide civil immunity to anyone who in good faith reports a campus threat.

-- Require several state agencies to develop emergency response training programs for public school personnel.

-- Require every public school to conduct at least two lockdown drills per year.

-- Increase the penalty for "straw purchases" of firearms.

-- Exempt concealed weapons permit information from public disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

-- Allow the attorney general to investigate suspected election law violations without being asked by the Board of Elections.

-- Increase penalties for texting while driving.

-- Make it illegal to secretly use an electronic device to track a person's movements.

-- An enhanced penalty for assaulting an employee of the state facility that treats sexually violent predators who are civilly committed.

-- Relax the standard for a wrongfully convicted inmate to win exoneration.

-- Exempt from the Freedom of Information Act information about minors participating in parks and recreation programs.

-- Allow public college student organizations to exclude anyone who does not agree with their mission.

-- State that parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children.

-- Repeal the law against "lewd and lascivious cohabitation."

-- Increase penalty for possession of contraband cigarettes with intent to distribute.

-- A two-year moratorium on use of drones by police and state agencies.

-- Require school boards to adopt anti-bullying policies.

-- Require doctors who test patients for Lyme disease to provide information that tests can produce false negative results.

-- Mandate cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for public school teachers and high school students.

-- Establish a two-year provisional license for Teach for America participants.

-- Eliminate bonuses electric utilities receive for using sources of renewable energy or building new power plants that use fossil fuels.

-- Create a new law against financial exploitation of incapacitated adults.

-- Toughen the law governing decertification of police officers convicted of certain crimes.



-- Lift the state's ban on uranium mining.

-- Redraw Virginia Senate district boundaries to strengthen Republican districts and create another black-majority district.

-- Require background checks on private sales at gun shows.

-- Require background checks on all gun sales.

-- Ban military-style assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines.

-- Require at least one armed employee or volunteer in every school.

-- Automatically restore the voting rights of nonviolent felons who have served their sentences.

-- Allow home-schooled students to participate in public school sports.

-- Repeal the 2012 law requiring women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound.

-- Repeal the state's new regulations requiring abortion clinics to meet the same strict building standards as newly constructed hospitals.

-- Confer all the rights of "personhood" on fetuses.

-- Make it a felony to perform an abortion because of the gender of the fetus.

-- Bar state-funded abortions for poor women carrying mortally deformed fetuses.

-- Require drug screening of state welfare recipients.

-- Prohibit circuit courts from making interim appointments of lower-court judges previously rejected by the General Assembly.

-- Establish a panel to study creating an alternative state currency in case the Federal Reserve system collapses.

-- Allow no-excuse absentee voting.

-- Require school boards to minimize the number of bus stops within 500 feet of a sex offender's home.

-- Make it illegal to smoke with a child in the car.

-- Allow early, in-person voting.

-- Authorize localities to ban guns in public libraries.

-- Amend the "Right to Farm Act" to allow farmers to sell products incidental to their farming operation without government interference.

-- Allow hunting of coyotes on Sundays.

-- Allow hunting on private land on Sundays with the landowner's permission.

-- A constitutional amendment allowing the governor to seek a second term.

-- Require drivers and passengers to make sure it's safe before opening vehicle doors on the side adjacent to moving traffic.

-- Create a new offense, punishable by up to life in prison, for entering a school while armed or while carrying an explosive device with the intent to commit a violent felony.

-- Require youth sports programs using public school property to adopt procedures to deal with concussions.

-- Increase the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 73.

-- Prohibit possession of unopened container of alcohol in the passenger area of a vehicle.

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