Meeting Your Telework Goals using Client Virtualization Solutions

Monday - 6/11/2012, 2:38pm EDT

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Discussion is sponsored by GovConnection, HP & VMWare on Federal News Radio 1500 AM.

This panel discusses the telework policy drivers, mandates & updates and the technology that are being accepted and deployed at various agencies to support the telework mission enablement to the next generation of the mobile platform

Moderator: Tom Temin -Federal Drive Host Federal News Radio 1500 AM


David Young - EUC Solutions Architect, VMware
Danette Campbell - Patent and Trademark Office telework coordinator
Anil Karmel - M&O Chief Technology Officer for the National Nuclear Security Administration
Rick Holgate - assistant director for science and technology and CIO for the ATF
Dr. Emma Garrison-Alexander - Assistant Administrator for IT and CIO of the Transportation Security Administration
Tony Leone - VMware Federal Business Development Specialist for GovConnection