CyberSecurity "Progress & Best Practices" 2013

Monday - 7/15/2013, 10:53am EDT

Program will discuss:

  • Progress Report on Improving Security of Cyber Assets
  • Top CyberSecurity Priorities for Coming Year
  • Key Challenges to still overcome with Securing Cyber Space
  • Key Opportunities to Collaborate Across
  • A Vision for The Future

Moderator:Jim Flyzik -Flyzik Group

RADM Robert Day - Chief Information Officer, USCG
Gil Vega - Chief Information Security Officer, Dept. of Energy
Ed Roback - Associate Chief Information Officer, Cybersecurity & CISO, Dept of Treasury
Erich Baumgartner - Vice President, Public Sector, Sourcefire
David O'Berry - Strategic Systems Engineer, McAfee
Betsy Hight - VP Cybersecurity Solutions Group, US Public Sector, HP