BIG DATA 2012 "Progress & Best Practices"

Monday - 4/2/2012, 2:28pm EDT

April 3, 2012

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April 3rd at 12pm

Program will discuss:

  • Progress Report on BIG DATA
  • Strategies Being Used to Manage BIG DATA
  • Key Challenges or Barriers to still overcome
  • Does BIG DATA impact how you Address Cybersecurity
  • A Vision for The Future

Moderator:Jim Flyzik -Flyzik Group


Zach Goldstein - DCIO, NOAA
Adrian Gardner - CIO, NASA Goddard
Dr. Robert Norris - Chief Architect, NGA
Alan Hansen - Director-Intelligence Systems & Processing Division, US Army RDECOM
Cameron Chehreh - Chief Enterprise Engineer, Intelligence Solutions Division, General Dynamics IT
John Haddad - Director of Enterprise Data Integration, Informatica Corporation
Gary Newgaard - Area Director, EMC Isilon