"Emerging Technologies" Cybersecurity - Geospatial - Big Data - Virtualization - Mobility Trends

Monday - 12/12/2011, 2:21pm EST

December 13, 2011

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December 13th at 12pm

Program will discuss:

  • Updates & Progress on Emerging Technologies (Cybersecurity-Geospatial-Big Data-Virtualization & Mobility Trends)
  • Best Practices & Benefits of Technologies
  • Key Challenges to Overcome
  • Challenges or major hurdles to still overcome
  • A Vision for The Future

Moderator:Jim Flyzik -Flyzik Group


Jerry Davis - Chief Security Officer, VA
Joseph Klimavicz - Chief Information Officer, NOAA
Frank Konieczny - Chief Technology Officer, US Air Force
Marty Roesch - Chief Technology Officer, Sourcefire
Gary Newgaard - Area Director, Isilon
Nick Combs - Chief Technology Officer, EMC Federal