Defense Information Systems Agency

Monday - 7/7/2008, 4:19pm EDT

Lt. Gen. Charles Croom - Director, Defense Information Systems Agency and Commander, Joint Task Force - Global Network Operations

Lt. Gen. Charles Croom began his career using a slide rule.

Now, after 35 years in the military, the retiring director of the Defense Information Systems Agency and the commander of the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations doesn't take the desktop computer for granted.

Croom, who is leaving July 22, says the PC has been the biggest revolution in the way the Defense Department does business.

But desktop computers would not have changed the military if not for the ability to connect computers through a network.

Add to that the widespread use of mobile devices that keeps users networked all the time, Croom says he has experienced unimaginable change since he joined the Air Force in 1973.

DISA is trying to capitalize on the networked, mobile devices where video, audio and text converge.

Croom says the joint command and control program is one initiative they are trying to use to move in that new direction.