No network, no cloud

Tuesday - 9/1/2009, 11:41am EDT

Tim Lemaster
Director, Systems Engineering
Juniper Networks
September 1st, 2009

Juniper Networks is a key player in making the cloud safe for federal IT professionals as well as citizens. We will touch on Continuity of Operations, convergence of technologies to IP, and some proprietary tools from Juniper Networks. Some of these tools include JUNOS Software, Juniper's network OS, and guidance on software development from the nonprofit SAFEcode initiative, of which Juniper is a member. Fifteen years ago nobody thought of software for packet handling devices. Juniper Networks has made great advances in Junos to allow for easy maintenance of networks.

Each host or computer on the Internet requires an Internet Protocol address in order to communicate. The growth of the Internet has created a need for more addresses than are possible with the current system, IPv4. Federal News Radio follows the government's implementation of IPv6.