Why security needs to catch up to Web 2.0 technology

Tuesday - 6/22/2010, 5:11pm EDT

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  • Facebook and Twitter are changing the world of technology -- and security managers are struggling to keep up. Many agency security managers are refusing to support mobile devices and vetoing cloud-based services. But one industry expert says blocking Facebook is like burying your head in the sand. Tom Gillis is the vice president and general manager of Cisco's security technology business unit. He says the new Web 2.0, virtualization, mobility and collaborative applications offer huge potential for enhancing productivity and competitive advantage. But they also come with complicated new security issues. Gillis says that with mobile internet we're looking at another decade of 4 to 5 percent productivity enhancements. Chief Security Officer magazine reports that companies that are forward thinking with their security policies will be able to adopt these technologies and better benefit from those 4 to 5 percent productivity enhancements better than others that don't. Gillis concedes that the mobile devices will generate a greater security risks but says the increased productivity is worth the risk.

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