The Path from Legacy Systems: An Agency's Playbook to Migrate, Update and Modernize

Wednesday - 9/4/2013, 3:47pm EDT

The Path from Legacy Systems

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The administration is ushering out old technologies and accelerating the adoption of new technologies. At the same time, end of life support from Microsoft for XP and Exchange 2003 in April of 2014 are forcing agencies to migrate applications and email to new platforms to avoid tripling (and budget crippling) service costs.

This leaves agencies to assess an array of options to modernize and move to new platforms. Approaches like cloud, agency sharing, and thin client offer budget- saving ways to innovate while fulfilling their agency's mission.

Moderator: Tom Temin - Host of The Federal Drive, Federal News Radio


Gary Barlet - Chief Information Officer, USPS OIG
Paul Tibbits,- Deputy CIO for Architecture, Strategy and Design, US Department of Veterans Affairs
Keith Trippie - Executive Director, Enterprise System Development Office, US Department of Homeland Security
Mike Parker - Deputy CIO, US Department of the Treasury
Ryan Sobel - Director, Virtualization/Secure Mobility Solutions, Iron Bow Technologies
Paul Christman - Vice President, Dell Software Public Sector