TSP funds post positive numbers in February

Tuesday - 3/6/2012, 5:41am EST

Thrift Savings Plan figures continued to climb in the early months of 2012, as all funds posted positive numbers for the month of February and for the year.

The 12-month figures continued in an upward trend, as well, with only the I Fund posting a negative number for that period.

Thrift Savings Plan February 2012 returns

Thrift Savings PlanFeb.YTDLast 12 mo.
L Income0.98%2.16%2.86%
L 20202.53%5.63%2.46%
L 20303.10%6.99%2.35%
L 20403.54%8.03%2.15%
L 20503.99%9.05%1.57%
G Fund0.12%0.25%2.24%
F Fund0.05%0.93%8.48%
C Fund4.34%9.03%5.16%
S Fund3.99%11.88%2.16%
I Fund5.14%10.77%(7.68)%
Percentages in ( ) are negative.