2013 NCMA Conference

Monday - 11/18/2013, 11:53am EST

Federal Drive co-host Tom Temin attended the 2013 National Contract Management Association's Government Contract Management Symposium today.

While there, Tom interviewed keynote speaker Shay Assad, director of defense pricing, and Frank Anderson, president of Strategic Public Sector Solutions. Listen to Tom's interviews below.

Shay Assad
Director, Defense Pricing
Defense Department

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By some estimates, the Defense Department spends a billion dollars a day. So, of all the powers the Defense Department wields, the power over where and how to spend its money may be the mightiest. Shay Assad, director of defense pricing for the Pentagon, says he's intent on getting the biggest bang for the Pentagon's buck.

Frank Anderson
Strategic Public Sector Solutions

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Committed as it is to buying from small businesses, the government sometimes falls short of its goals. One way it can increase small business participation is to make sure big contractors include the small guys in their subcontracting plans. That's a big topic at today's NCMA symposium. Tom spoke about this with retired Air Force Brigadier General Frank Anderson, now president of Strategic Public Sector Solutions.