AFCEA Answers - Cyber Security Awareness

AFCEA Answers - Cyber Security Awareness

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The "persistent threat" is becoming the hallmark of how government and industry deal with cybersecurity concerns, particularly threats to the nation's electrical grid and critical infrastructure. Plus: how is industry and government training and retaining top cybersecurity professionals? On this edition of "AFCEA Answers", we'll explore these topics with Dr. Ernest McDuffie from NIST; Mike Peterson, Vice President with URS, former Air Force CIO; and Tom Conway, Director of Federal Business Development with McAfee.

Moderator: Max Cacas - Host/Producer, AFCEA Answers


Mike Peterson - Vice President, URS
Dr. Ernest McDuffie - Lead, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, National Institutes of Standards and Technology
Tom Conway - Director, Federal Business Development, McAfee