Monday - 9/3/2012, 11:05am EDT


Doug McCuistion
Director, Mars Exploration Program, NASA

This week Mars Rover Curiosity completed its longest drive yet across the Red Planet. To get there, the Mars Exploration program had to clear many of the same hurdles that other federal programs face. McCuistion has held positions in Earth and Space science at NASA Headquarters, the Goddard Space Flight Center and the Navy.

Beth McGrath
Deputy Chief Management Officer
Department of Defense

At the Defense Department, belt-tightening does not mean you have to stick to the tried and true — Just the opposite. McGrath leads efforts to better integrate and coordinate DoD business operations. She also serves as the DoD Performance Improvement Officer and is responsible for formulating the legislatively mandated the Departmental Strategic Management Plan.

Jonah Czerwinski
Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs Department has spent more than a hundred million dollars to bring innovative ideas into the agency. The VA Innovation Initiative is at the center of this effort to transform how the agency meets its missio Czerwinski leads the VA Center for Innovation and is responsible for designing, launching and leading the program's implementation across VA.


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