1:37 pm, December 19, 2014

Government News

T-Mobile paying up to $90M for unwanted services

T-Mobile paying up to $90M, mostly in refunds to customers, for unwanted text services

Updated 01 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 4 deaths

CDC says prepackaged caramel apples are linked to 4 deaths, 28 illnesses around the country

Updated 01 minutes, 39 seconds ago

FBI blames North Korea for Sony hack

FBI says it has conclusively linked North Korean government to devastating Sony hack

Updated 01 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Bush officials gave CIA wide latitude

Senior officials weren't told key details about brutal CIA interrogations; they didn't press

Updated 02 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Least productive Congress? Not this one, barely

The least productive Congress since Harry Truman? Not this one, though only by a hair

Updated 02 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Obama closing 2014 with year-end news conference

Obama closing 2014 with year-end news conference before heading to Hawaii

Updated 02 minutes, 29 seconds ago

5 topics for Obama's year-end news conference

5 topics that may come up during President Obama's year-end news conference

Updated 02 minutes, 33 seconds ago

US not fully prepared for nuclear terrorist attack

Report: US govt lacks disaster-relief coordination, unprepared for handling nuclear attack

Updated 02 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Speaker invites Obama for State of the Union

Speaker invites Obama to deliver State of the Union on Jan. 20

Updated 02 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Companies' data security in question after Sony hack

Companies on high alert as Sony hacking puts focus on corporate cybersecurity flaws

Updated 02 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Obama calls in to Massachusetts governor's show

'Barack Obama, formerly of Somerville' among last callers to Massachusetts governor's show

Updated 02 minutes, 55 seconds ago

NASA's Orion spacecraft back in Florida after test flight

NASA's Orion spacecraft back home in Florida after test flight

Updated 02 minutes, 59 seconds ago

AstraZeneca cancer drug, companion test approved

FDA OKs AstraZeneca 's first-in-class ovarian cancer drug, plus companion test from Myriad

Updated 01 minutes, 32 seconds ago

AP IMPACT: Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect

AP IMPACT: At least 786 kids die of abuse or neglect under watch of child protective services

Updated 06 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Bergdahl investigation wraps up; Top leaders get briefings

Investigation into Bergdahl disappearance wraps up; Top leaders get briefings on report

Updated 08 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Global oil impact: Who's hurting, happy, hopeful

Steep oil plunge slams Russia, Venezuela but US, China other big economies stand to benefit

Updated 13 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Timeline of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

Timeline of key events in the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

Updated 27 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Report: FBI's anthrax investigation was flawed

Accountability office finds 'key scientific gap' in FBI probe of deadly 2001 anthrax attacks

Updated 56 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Sony emails show a studio ripe for hacking

Sony emails reveal loose use of passwords and IDs, ripe for hacking

Updated 57 minutes, 11 seconds ago

US tapped contractors to do its sneaky work in Cuba

For risky efforts in Cuba, US outsourced the sneaky work to contractors that fell short

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