10:30 pm, March 27, 2015

Pay, pension and TSP 'take-aways' you didn't order

In some places, a "take-away" is when you order fast food and take it home with you. In Washington, it has an entirely different connotation, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

New cybersecurity models driven by tsunami of data, devices

The Internet of Things will make cybersecurity even more complicated. The FCC's David Bray advocates for a public-health approach rather than bigger walls and tougher locks.

Data drives office-space reductions

Now that agencies have better data on their buildings, the White House hopes they will make better decisions. Some in Congress say legislation is needed.

Navy seeks data analytics to help manage talent

The Department of the Navy wants industry's help to make sense of stovepiped data on sailors' pay, personnel, training and education. It will issue an enterprise challenge statement next week.

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