5:56 am, December 29, 2014

DoJ's new cybersecurity office to aid in worldwide investigations

The new Justice Department unit, operating under DoJ's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property division, will serve to offer legal advice for cyber crime investigations worldwide.

Exclusive: Secure information sharing puzzle coming together

Information Sharing Environment is helping to shape the policy and technology pieces to help implement the White House's strategy on information sharing.

Goddard CATS project poised for January launch

Scientists are waiting for the Jan. 6 SpaceX 5 mission to carry a new scientific instrument to measure the composition of the atmosphere to the International Space Station.

Board finds GSA wrongfully fired two senior officials in conference scandal

The Merit System Protection Board agrees that GSA's conference scandal was, indeed, scandalous. But at least two of the senior officials GSA fired in response didn't have much to do with the whole affair. In a Christmas Eve ruling, the three-member Merit System Protection Board found that GSA failed to show any justification for firing Paul Prouty and James Wellerm each of whom were regional commissioners in GSA's Public Buildings Service at the time of the 2010 Western Regions Conference.

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Radio Interviews

Eric Brown


Round four of OPM's Vets to Feds program is ready to go.


Dave Maurer


Overtime pay at DHS is literally out of control.


Larry Allen

Allen Federal Business Partners

The top four takeaways from the bill blitzkrieg on Capitol Hill.


John Koskinen


Doing the impossible at the IRS starts at the top.


Tim Sullivan

Thomspon Coburn LLP

There's more than you think buried in the boilerplate.


Tim Blades

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

How DOD's new chemical weapon disposal tech won a major international award.


John Schaus


Building a strategic to-do list for the next defense secretary.


Wendy Taylor


A USAID crowdsourcing challenge leads to innovations in the fight against Ebola.


Mike Kucharek


It's that most wonderful time of the year again, as Santa gears up for his annual flight.


Lori Walsh


Inside the SEC's new crime fighting brain trust.


David Dye


What does 2015 hold for members of the SES?


Mike Astrue

Former SSA

The next two weeks could make or break your agency's leadership potential.


Jim Lewis

Center for Strategic and International Studies

How would federal agencies fare against the cyber attack launched at Sony?



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Four-day Fed Holiday

President Obama signed an executive order closing all executive branch offices and agencies on Dec. 26.

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Listen to Tom Temin's latest on-air interviews with federal executives and contractors.

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In Depth with Francis Rose features interviews on the top federal news of the day.

Rung's Acquisition Plan

Office of Federal Procurement Policy's Anne Rung released a road map for re-imagining federal contracting.